Khaki Campbell

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  1. Romn
    "Such sweet birds"
    Pros - Very reliable layers
    Cons - None. I love them!
  2. Happy Quack
    "Pretty girls"
    Pros - Great layers
    Cons - non
    The ones I have bought from Mcmurrays have been the best layers ever. I have one gal that laid 340 her pullet year.
    Purchase Date:
    3/31/12 3/20/18
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  3. Duckiewuckie
    "Soft voiced gentle lovey girls"
    Pros - I love my baby girls. Great and active foragers. Easy to "distract" with treats in low stress situations to lead them around. With a good amount of care and affection since delivered, they are very gentle and tolerate hugs once "captured" .
    Cons - Got mine too late in the spring for new England and won't get my eggs til spring. I'm choosing not to provide supplemental light because, well, I'm lazy. But I love my girls.
  4. ThatGuyWithTheChickens
    "Vocal, but in a good way"
    Pros - Chatty, but not loud at all
    Great tasting eggs
    Plenty of eggs for a duck
    Cons - Shy
    Fun addition to the flock. I have 3 Khaki Campbells. They are frequently chatting and murmuring among each other but its not loud or bothersome at all and quite fun and pleasant to listen to.

    They lay large creamy eggs that taste really good and they lay a good amount of them too. We cook ours together with chicken eggs and the kids can't tell the difference. They also work well in baking.

    The downside is they're a bit shy and required a bit of work for me to build trust with them.
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  5. DuckSquad
    "A fast Drake"
    Pros - Hilarious personality
    Cons - A bit shy
    I have a khaki campbell drake named Rubert, he is a handsome lil' quacker. Rubert is the smallest one in the flock, but not by much, he will fallow me with the other 2 drakes i have but wont let me pick him up unless its a rare occasion, despite that hes a very loving duckie.
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  6. HomesteaderWife
    "Our Babies!"
    Pros - Sociable, Easy to Handle, Intelligent, Non-Flighty, Get Along With Our Chickens
    Cons - Have Not Set
    When I was younger, I had a friend with ducks- let's just say it was a bad experience & I told myself I would NEVER own ducks. But when we got our very first flock of chicks, my husband's stipulation is he wanted ducks. We then purchased 2 female Khaki Campbells at auction, & I immediately grew to love them! They were very shy for awhile, but then we purchased a male early last year, & they all have just been wonderful. Large, tasty eggs! I have no complaints- they are so friendly & always happy to see us. We changed their living arrangements around, & and it only took them three days to learn to put themselves to bed at night. They always give us a laugh when we refill their kiddie pool, & they love to come eat from your hand. Very talkative & vocal! They usually lay their eggs for us overnight, & they're in the nest the next morning.
    The females have never offered to sit on a nest, so we have hatched their eggs under broody hens. The ducklings are just as kind & sweet!


    1. IMG_4383 (1).PNG
  7. GoldenFlight
    "Very good layers!"
    Pros - They lay the biggest egg for their body size and are good flyers.
    Cons - Not as good of mothers, can be more spooky, and very aggressive drakes.
    Mildred our one and a half year old hen.
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  8. The Duck Ladie
    "Best Layers I have ever had!"
    Pros - GREAT layers, Beautiful coloring,
    Cons - Skiddish
    I got Khaki Campbells in the Spring. Out of the other ducklings I had, they were the most water-crazy. They positively Loved it! Though once they got to crazy as ducklings and got cold.... [​IMG]. They are pretty skiddish. They are the BEST layers out of all the ducks I've ever had! They lay every day, (Big eggs too...) Even when one of them was isolated and feeling down, I got my egg! So for anyone who's looking for great layers, get these! (and some runners)
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  9. rachelsflock
    "Fantastic Ducks"
    Pros - Mostly quiet, big enough for a family meal if extra drakes occur, STINKING CUTE,great foragers, each duck lays an egg almost EVERY DAY, winter layers
    Cons - Volnerable to predation at night while they run around in the dark like idiots, each duck lays an egg almost EVERY SINGLE DAY so you'd better keep up.
    These guys are my favorite mallard derived breed. They were less shy than my other breeds, eat less food, and forage more and they're cute even when they don't want to be. They lay tons of large eggs and even tend to get them in the nest box. They're so cute and petite framed too. My main issue with them is that my drake stubbornly insisted on running his ladies around the yard at full tilt as soon as it got dark for as long as they were out like idiots, especially when it was lock up time, every single night right up until the end. It was like he had to prove that going into the coop was his idea. Needless to say, he and his favorite duck follower are now dead and the duck hens that had their own ideas about bedtime are still alive (and now we're going to go get a new drake). Regardless, I'm not sure I ever want to be without this duck breed again. I love them(with their cute, beady little eyes, football-sized ducks covered in ducky softness, and flappy feet without half inch muscovy claws), my kids love them for their non-aggressive chasability factor (but they are fast enough my kids will NEVER catch them), and they do get along with the rest of my birds great. We had one drake that tried getting it on with chickens, but for my hens sake we got to discover that he was delicious. However that seems like it's the exception and not the rule for drake manners and besides the bedtime thing the other drake was a perfect gentleman who brought food to his ladies and was never too much drake for them to handle. Hug a (protesting) Campbell today.
  10. sharebear840
    "Nice an quiet ducks"
    Pros - nice, quiet, calm
    Cons - none yet
    Out of my 8 ducks the 2 male khaki campbells are the easiest to catch. They are both very calm an quiet ducks.
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