Khaki Campbell

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  1. MoTappin
    "Absolutely love our Khakis!"
    Pros - Friendly, quiet (unless they are hungry or being fed), HILARIOUS, smart, don't really fly, cold hardy, SUPER LAYERS
    Cons - Poo. But they're ducks, so what do you want? Get a bit chatty when it's time to eat or be let out in the AM, but no neighbor complaints
    We got 4 Khaki Campbells about 10 months ago and absolutely love them to pieces. They started laying at about 5 months, and very rarely miss a day, even in winter. We did lose one, I think to some kind of blockage. :( Otherwise they have all been totally healthy and great. We also introduced an adult Cayuga a few months back, and after a little sizing each other up for the first couple of hours, they have all gotten along great.

    They are friendly, funny to watch, and pretty tame. We got them as day olds and tried to handle them a lot when they were babies. They are great foragers, eat from our hands (especially if we have peas or broccoli), and are even fairly easy to catch/pick up. We have one in particular that actually waits behind the others when they're being put to bed at night, so she can get her cuddles. :) The only time they get a little noisy is when they are waiting to be let out in the morning, when they're being fed, or when they're letting us know they haven't been fed. [​IMG] They will come right up on the patio to the back door and quack at us if we wait too long to feed them. [​IMG]

    They have done great all winter long in their Dogloo house with a lamp, just at night. All day long they have the run of the backyard. They don't love the super cold temps, but as long as they have access to some kind of shelter they are fine. They're absolutely hilarious to watch in the pool (a kiddie pool makes them happy), when they zoom around under the water and chase each other. Then they get out, groom themselves dry, and hop right back in. They can't get more than a few feet off the ground when they do fly, which isn't very often.

    They are excellent layers, great pets, and fun to have around. Get some Khakis, set up some chairs in your backyard, give them a pool, and don't get too close unless you wanna be splashed. Totally love our Khakis!! [​IMG]
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  2. marvun22
    "very good"
    Pros - calm, smart, makes good pet
    Cons - smaller than some
    They are my calmest birds and are easiest to catch. They eat less than Pekins. I heard they also lay well, but mine are younger.
  3. Wild Rooster
    "Very Good Beginer Duck"
    Pros - Good Layer; Good Personality
    Cons - Can be shy if not worked with as soon as possible
    A very Pretty duck. Their Khaki color is very appealing. Has a good personalty if worked with continuously and from a young age, or will turn very shy. Smaller duck with a lengthier appearance in my experiences. good laying ability.
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  4. ruby m w
    Pros - Good layers.Friendly with other poultry.
    Cons - Shy to humans.
    My gran gave me 2 for free.1 got eaten by a fox but the other is still well.
  5. blondiebee181
    "Docile, friendly, great personality"
    Pros - Friendly with chickens and humans, good layer
    Cons - A fairly large duck
    Purchased my (what I hope is a girl) with the hens about 8 weeks ago at the feed store. Guy told me she was an Indian Runner, oops. Turns out, I think she is a White Campbell. She is a fairly large duck with pretty white plumage. The chickens adore her and folllow her everywhere. I hope she will stay a she, no curls yet...and lay good eggs. She has a great personality and is friendly with the other birds and humans. She isn't crazy about being caught, but likes to be stroked and takes naps in my lap. Her favorite treat is Spinach and meal worms.
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  6. Smiles-N-Sunshine
    "Good layers, but a bit nervous"
    Pros - Excellent year-round layers, usually quiet
    Cons - Nervous, shy personalities
    We added 8 Khaki Campbells (hatchery quality) to our mixed flock about two years ago. Although they can be bribed with defrosted frozen peas, they generally prefer to keep to themselves, and become excited when humans approach them. We're planning to replace them with Welsh Harlequins when their laying careers are over.

    Their eggs are about USDA Large to XLarge size, which makes it easy to substitute for chicken eggs in recipes. We found their meat very tasty, what little of it there is.

    They are low maintenance as adults, and have done well in our high desert climate with temps from 15 F to 100 F. Here they are enjoying the monsoon rains last year:

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