King Pigeon

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    The King pigeon is a breed of domestic pigeon which is raised primarily for utility purpose. It was developed in the United States. And it’s development took many years of selective breeding. King pigeons along with other varieties of domesticated pigeons, are descended from the rock dove (Columba livia) also known as the feral pigeon.

    The breed was actually developed during the 1890s by crossing four older pigeon breeds. And those four varieties were Duchess, Homer, Maltese and Runt. The Duchess were selected for grace, Homer for alertness, Runt for body and size, and the Maltese for compactness and style.

    Currently the King pigeon is a popular breed in it’s native area and also in some other countries around the globe.

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  • 45187DE4-3B4F-4300-B37C-7623F8D29D74.jpeg 83ECCDCE-7B12-45EA-B589-29E5251CD7EF.jpeg
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  1. Ducklover2
    "Good article."
    Pros - Its a bird
    Cons - Its not a chicken
    Great paragraph. Could you add some more information for people like me? (Don't know much about pigeons)
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  1. AnimalGeek23
    They look over-breed. :(

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