Kuhl - 10 Plastic Leg Band - 1000pk - 10

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  • Kuhl Leg Bands provide the best way in which to properly identify your fowl. Durable celluloid construction provides a secure connection that will not become loose under any circumstances. Kuhl Bands are currently used and ideal for: College laboratories and research facilities. Breeder pens and pedigree work. Government institutions. Elementary school and classroom use. 10: Chickens, Pheasants, Ring Neck Cocks, Wild Turkeys (5/8") Kuhl Leg Bands are available in red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, black, brown, orange and white. Assorted Pack of 1000 leg bands. Please place in notes if you want one specific color.
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  1. laceynoelle
    Pros - Cheaper, lots of colors
    Cons - No numbers, can break
    These are okay (and any other size, probably) to use if youre not doing any serious record keeping and just want to divide by year or somthing. There's plenty of colors and combinations to keep you busy for a while, but I've always liked Bandettes better. If you plan on showing any of your birds, you'll need a bandette anyway, and an up side is they do come with numbers. If you have a ton of birds, you can use both in certian ways to mean different things. The downside to these is they do get old and brittle, and break.

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  1. NanooseDeb
    These are a great band as they expand as the girls grow and never get stuck high up on their legs. Our feed guy keeps many sizes and colours in stock and sells yous what you want for 15 cents each. We keep our girls (all 15 of them for eggs and of course they all have names and we don't cull them at any age, just keep them around as pets until they pass on their own. By putting one and sometimes two bands on a leg I can learn their names a lot easier! We have had the red and purple ones fade after a nice hot summer, but at 15 cents, who cares, just get a few new ones. I think this would work for you as well Chicken Steve.
  2. Chicken Steve
    I was looking for some bands so I could keep a better track of my chickens not only by year but which one need to be culled. And was wanting probably like everyone wanting a kinda one size fits all or can grow with the bird

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