Kuhl - 3 Hole Big Bird Nest - BB3

  • Kuhl Big Bird Nests are specifically designed for the use with larger, heavier breed birds that do not comfortably fit in conventional sized laying nests. Nests are also built to withstand the increased weight of the heavier birds. Special Features Include: Enlarged front opening of 10" Expanded width to 14" Increased overall height to 24" Use of Kuhl Big Bird Nests virtually eliminate floor eggs, thus reducing egg breakage. Units are also supplied with plastic perches and nest bottoms as are all Kuhl Laying Nests. Protect your investment and choose Kuhl. Picture shown is 2 Hole Nest. Hole Size: 10" x 14"

    Big Bird Nest are designed to accommodate large birds such as Black Giants, Wyandotte, Brahma, Orpington, Large Rhode Island Red or Barred Rocks or any bird that size.
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