Kuhl - 30 Dozen Egg Case - Egg-30

  • The Kuhl EGG-30 can be used with our No. STK-30, WAS-30, No. XTL-30AA, and No. HB-30. This allows for the total transport of 360 eggs per case. This product can also be used to house and transport larger eggs utilizing our No. TEG-20 20-egg turkey or duck trays and our No. HB-20 20-egg hard boiling tray. When used with the 20-egg trays, it will hold 240 eggs. In addition to the two previously listed applications, the Kuhl EGG-30 is also designed to transport eggs in 1 and 2-dozen styrofoam or plastic egg containers typically found in supermarkets and grocery stores. This particularly works well in protecting the eggs during transit.
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