Kuhl - 50 lbs. Quail Range Feeder - QFR-50-2 - (2 Pack)

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  • The Kuhl QRF-50 50lb. Quail Range Feeder combines quality and durabily to offer by far the best mid-sized quail range feeder on the market. Special features include: Oone piece rain shield design provides a 100% water proof barrier, durable polypropylene plastic material provides ample strength for multiple seasons of trouble-free use Dimensions: Over all height: 24" or 61cms. Rain Shield: 24" Diameter or 61 cms. Capacity: 50lbs. Packed: 2
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  1. Pater est Pullis
    "Kuhl 50 Lb. Range Tank Feeder"
    Pros - Easy assembly, holds 50# feed.
    Cons - None
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  1. Pater est Pullis
    I removed the feeder from my run today, it did its job, however my girls were knocking out food and not eating it. When I got around to cleaning it, a few months later, it wound up being a 50# compact wet mess.

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