Kuhl - Perfect Peepers C-Clip - 100pk - CPP1M-CC

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  • The KUHL Perfect Peeper has been the industry's leading blinder since its inception. This "blinder" combines durability with functionality. The square design insures full blinding of the pheasant, while the smooth surface eliminates the bird from catching themselves on netting or wire. Colors Available: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange. Please Specify in the order notes which color you prefer.
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  1. goofychickens
    "do not use! causes eye problems!"
    Pros - none
    Cons - gives chickens eye problems!
    Do not use!!!!!!!

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  1. JSB
    I think it’s cruel myself
  2. ShannonR
    This may seem cruel to some, but know what's worse? Utter destruction of birds due to pecking of one another. Cannibalism is no joke, folks! Certain game species such as ringneck pheasant, do in fact require these in a captive setting. Failure to install peepers on birds can and will result in a huge number of completely avoidable deaths.
  3. Crooked Chicken
    WTH! I don't know why a bird would need to be blinded (as in horse blinders), but that thing looks plain uncomfortable and cruel!
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    1. Crooked Chicken
      Does that thick wire stick through it's nostrils! Horrible.
      Crooked Chicken, Aug 29, 2017
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    2. kanina
      Because some birds eat eggs and people would rather block their line of vision instead of culling.
      kanina, Aug 29, 2017
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    3. Crooked Chicken
      Yes, I looked it up after I posted. Also read that providing more room for them and separating some helps with that. I would rather cull than put blinders on them.
      Crooked Chicken, Aug 29, 2017
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  4. kanina
    Can you elaborate on the eye problems it causes? Its my understanding that the whole point is to blind them in a sense.
  5. LeafBlade12345
    how did they get eye problems?
    1. Featherbrain1986
      I guess because they lose a portion of their vision? Which is the point, right? I don't think I would raise the types of birds that would ever require these. It just doesn't seem right. I guess if it for the protection of the bird I understand, but as someone with partial vision loss I personally wouldn't be able to do this.
      Featherbrain1986, Jan 21, 2018

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