Kuhl - Perfect Peepers NP Pin - 100pk - NPP1M-CC

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  • The KUHL Perfect Peeper has been the industry's leading blinder since its inception. This "blinder" combines durability with functionality. The square design insures full blinding of the pheasant, while the smooth surface eliminates the bird from catching themselves on netting or wire. Colors Available: Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange. Please Specify in the order notes which color you prefer.
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  1. EggWalrus
    "Torture device."
    Pros - It's a torture device for bad birds.
    Cons - It's a torture device designed to hurt birds.
    I wonder what size drill bit is required to drill out the lock holes where there nostrils are.

    If you're into chicken S & M , just make them a little leather head mask with a zipper for them to eat through.
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  2. Ms Biddy
    There is very little information here about what this product does and how it is placed on the bird. It appears to thread through the nostrils which seems cruel and uncomfortable.

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  1. Chicken Cowgirl <3
    Looks like it goes through the nose hole? poor bird :(
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  2. Abriana
    Doesn’t seem very comfortable or fashionable.
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  3. Farmer Connie
    Medieval corporal punishment.
  4. Texas Kiki
    What is this used for and how does it stay on?
    1. Dawnclucks22
      I believe they're blinders - used for dominant hens or roosters to prevent excessive pecking. Not sure how they stay on however.
      Dawnclucks22, Aug 22, 2017

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