Kuhl - Plastic Coated Egg Basket - 511-B-DZ

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  • The KUHL Round Egg Basket has been completely redesigned. KUHL has added a hard plastic handle to this unit to provide added comfort for the user. This unit is also fully coated in plastic to insure the proper cushioning of the eggs. The plastic coating also prevents against rusting during the egg washing process. Please note that the detergent used is specially formulated so as not to effect the plastic coating, therefore not marking the eggs.
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  1. Mountain Peeps
    "Great basket!!"
    Pros - Sturdy, large, pretty,
    Cons - Nothing
    This is a great thing to collect eggs in. It is sturdy so it won't break easily. It is large and can hold many eggs easily. It also is pretty and will not stand out if in your kitchen or on your counter.

    I love this basket!!

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  1. 3riverschick
    Hi Peeps!
    Hubby just bought one of these for me! What you said! Yup, Yup! I love it and do easy to care for. Into the dishwasher it goes! We keep our eggs in it in the frig!. Leaves lots of room for air to circulate.

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