Kuhl - Plastic Nest Bottoms - PNB

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  • This new nest bottom will now be supplied in all Kuhl nests. It corrects the biggest problem on wear on all metal nests in that manure and broken eggs eat right through metal bottoms. The plastic bottom will not rust, rot or corrode. It has adjustable ends that allow it to fit practically all nests with a 12" front. It is 12" deep x 12" wide or 30.48 x 30.48 cms. The 2 end flaps are 2-1/4" and are molded to be flexible to fit the size of the nest.
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  1. twisted-acres-farm
    "GREAT product"
    Pros - pretty sturdy

    easy to pop out the bottom

    easy to clean.
    Cons - none that I have come across in 4 years of use.

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