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Kuhl - Plastic Turkey or Duck Egg Tray (20 Egg) - TEG-20

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  1. UtahDuck
    "Messed up order or will fill chicken eggs and..."
    Cons - Got order messed up (I think?) wont fit duck eggs
    When I ordered this from Fleming Outdoors, it came a few days later but I do not believe it was even a duck egg tray.
    It was very small, and if I did my research right, duck eggs are bigger than chicken. I tested it by getting a chicken egg from the fridge, and putting it in, and it fit. I didn't know HOW it would be working with duck eggs! I then bought chicken eggs a few days before purchasing duck eggs and used the same tray for the chicken eggs, and the eggs fit.
    I'm pretty sure it won't fit with duck eggs. Maybe it's just my order that was messed up, but I'll be using a basket next time instead.

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