Kuhl - Platform Stand - PStand

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  1. MMB53
    "Keeps water free of bedding etc."
    Pros - have these under all my waterers
    Cons - none
    Love these they keep my water fresh and clean
    13.25 at Premeir 1, I don't use bricks, sit it right on the bedding. Bricks are way to heavy, especially for athritic hands.
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  1. adrikeen
    The stand works great at first but the feet snap off over time
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  2. Trefoil
    The current price on this is $20.95 + shipping. Maybe i'm a cheapskate, but I have a problem paying that kind of money for a piece of plastic. The review for it in the catelog mentioned needing bricks under it to raise the height. You can buy a lot of bricks for $20.
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