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Land O'Lakes Purina Sunfresh Flock Block Pet Food

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  1. cowhlb
    "Purina Flock Block"
    Pros - Chickens absolutley love it! Smells good!
    Cons - Doesnt last long with my big flock.
    My chickens really loved it! They went crazy over it! My little un-social, outcast that never pays attention to the chickens and doesn't eat their treats with them went all over this Flock Block! They will eat every last bite! Its great to keep them bust and youll use less feed!
    Purchase Price:
  2. Shalom Farm
    "Great boredom cure"
    Pros - Lasts long, smells great, chickens love it,
    Cons - Smells so good other critters might come looking for a taste, birds often sit on top and poop on it so placement is key.
    I love this block. Each time its on sale I pick one up. If you have birds in a run all day or part of the day, its a great boredom cure. They can over-eat it though. If you get a lot of ran water in the run, have the block in a mineral block holder (for cattle and horses) so you can pick it up. Sometimes its best to put it in only a few days then take it out and replace with different treat because these chickens LOVE it so much they will gorge on it rather than their real food! The smaller versions are great but run out FAST. This one lasts long, is hard to pick apart so they get more out of it, and squabbles have been cut down for birds needing to stay in part of the day or on a show regime and getting spruced up. When its in the plastic it has a handle for easy carrying. The hardness of the block lets chickens, turkeys, etc. naturally wear their beaks and get some aggression out on it. It takes them a bit of effort to eat it- which is GOOD because if it were easy I'd have a fat bunch of birds. It also lets them pace themselves a bit. The smaller version of this lasts only a couple days between 6 birds but this block lasts me 2-3 months for about $11 where I am. The small version is about $3.50 so the extra money is well worth it! If you need it in smaller bits a chisel/screwdriver and hammer will crack off large chunks easily. Its a treat you can't go wrong with.

User Comments

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  1. topdog24
    I buy these, not same brand, and my chickens love it, i have38 chickens eating on the ones i use and they last about 2 weeks, but i have dry feed and wet feed ou for them
  2. The Yakima Kid
    I'll have to try using a chisel to break it up. Six birds made the entire block disappear in about two weeks.

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