Lavender Orpington Bantam

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  • Breed Purpose:
    Egg Layer
    Climate Tolerance:
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    White-Light Gray
    Breed Temperament:
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Breed Size:
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    Other Comb Clean Leg
    To Pet Chicken look no further like the Orpington breed like Bantams and light purple well Lavender Orpington Bantam
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  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose: Egg Layer

    Comb: Pea Comb

    Broodiness: Seldom

    Climate Tolerance: Cold (10 C)

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity: Every to Every other day

    Egg Size: Small,med

    Egg Color: White - Light Gray, brown

    Breed Temperament: mellow but does very well with other bantams.

    Breed Colors / Varieties: Lavender -White

    Breed Details: Lavender Orpington Bantam is a small more friendly version of the Orpington

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Florida
    "Oh My Roosters"
    Pros - Good Shepards
    Cons - Carry a Big Stick because they might et you
    Mine are not bantams

    I have 3 of these roosters and the reason I keep all three is because 2 of them are wonderful for taking care of the hens. When they sense danger they round the hens up and bring them to the pen or under the rose bush. They know when a hen is missing and round her up. Two or three times when a hen was not inside the pen I told either Bad Foot or Bad Boy to go out and get the missing hen. Away they went and very shortly came back with the hen. I do not trust Bad Boy at all. Bad Foot who got his bad foot by fighting with Bad Boy I trust somewhat and he really pays attention when I talk. The 3rd Naughtiness is half blind and he has my heart.

    I have 5 blue Orphinton hens. Three are blue and unfriendly One is black and unfriendly. In fact I think they killed 1 of my Australorp hens and tried to kill the 2nd one more than once. And then there is the white/splash one. She is special and her name is Houdini. She has always been an escape artist and one day I caught her teaching the others how to get out a very small hole way up in a nest box. She was on the outside and the others were lined up waiting to jump through the small opening to the outside. I can pick her up and when she wants into the pen she will come find me.

    All of the Orpintons are very smart and respond to several English words like food or go to bed or get inside and one Spanish word. When I say it they race for the pen. Ándale! ¡Ándale!

    If every Orpinton could be like Houdini then that is the only breed for me. However 1 out of 8 is not good odds and I hope for biddies from Houdini but I will not buy any more of this breed.
  2. CherriesBrood
    "The most sweetest breed!"
    Pros - Great for children, friendly, great for show birds, a tiny bit hardy with (weather)
    Cons - Egg production not that well, not hardy when it comes to health, and can get picked up by something because of their size
    I had a great Lavender Buff Orpington named Lulu. She was the most sweetest and lovey dovey chicken that I ever had. I loved her for her personality and looks. I lost Lulu because she caught a cold, since she was low to the ground being a bantam. Also since these are bantams they have a greater chance of being killed by something because of their size. Over all i would recommend getting these if you are going to keep them well protected, and you wont them as pets or show birds. I personally love this breed, but its all up to the person. : )
  3. aquagolda
    "lavender orpingtons"
    Pros - pretty, good layers, good in the winter
    Cons - skittish and a little flighty
    I recommend this for a little more advanced chicken lover/keeper

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  1. ChickNanny13
    The Bantams have Pea Combs & not Single?
  2. Abriana
    What pretty birds. I love the look of all Orpingtons-big and fluffy, but in a lavender color they’re gorgeous!
  3. Honora
  4. joydix
    I am in the north bay...out by Jenner...any idea where i might score some bantam Orps? even hatching eggs would be great....
  5. Honora
    What a bummer that yours are so aggressive. Where did you get them from? I had a couple of aggressive hens like that before but they were a different breed.
  6. Florida
    Glad you are happy with your hens.

    They are really pretty and Houdini gets along with all the hens but one of her sisters started messing with her and another side of her came out. Wow she kicked *** and took names and the Mean hen cried uncle and ran. lol.

    Her sister hens have a hatred for the 2 Astralorpe . Millie their hatch mother was the first to die. Then I caught them twice trying to smother Sheba by pilling on her and keeping her pinned down. I was halfway into their coop slinging hens out by their tails to save Sheba. The only thing I can think of is those hens are jealous because the 3 roosters used to line up to "befriend" those other 2 hens. : )
  7. Honora
    Great story! Thanks for sharing your experiences with the breed. So far I have been very happy with my Orpingtons; mine are all very friendly. I mostly have bantam Orps though.
  8. DuckRaiser
    I want to find a lavender orpington bantam, but I don't know if any are in Oregon.
  9. 2chicks poultry
    I have a standard blue Orphington, She's a very good girl too.

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