Little Giant - 3 Gallon Plastic Poultry Waterer - PPF3

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  1. 9blessings
    "Finally, a top filling waterer that doesn't leak!"
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  2. KnittingChick3
    "Good waterer- easy to clean"
    Pros - Easy to clean, has cap for spout so water doesn't slosh when being moved
    Cons - none so far
    I bought one for my meat birds and liked it, so I bought another for my hens. So far so good.
    I think it's easy to take the base/tray off to clean; a bottle brush gets in all the little nooks and crannies. The hole in top is large enough to get inside to clean. I haven't had any trouble with the top being too tight/hard to remove (except the one time my husband screwed it on WAY too tight...) I like that the spout has a little cap so the water doesn't leak out when I carry it around. Yeah, it's a little heavy; but that's to be expected as it's 3 gallons. When we move the birds farther away for their ranging, I might have to put both waterers in the wheel barrow to move them when full. We haven't tried to hang them yet (and after reading some of the reviews, we might not). We just have them sitting on half-sized cinder blocks and that seems to work fine. The place where I got them from has replacement O-rings and caps , which is nice if I ever need them...
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  3. barneveldrerman
    "Does its job"
    Pros - Nice size and easy to operate
    Cons - If cap is not on tight it will over fill
    I have 2 of them and they are the easiest i have found so far. The hens seem to like it and It don't Leak that much. Definitely recommend this product.
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  1. Ronnie2
    I have one to these types, and the cons are the 1/4-inch thick rubber ring that is the gasket, that attaches to the white plastic, not the lid. The instructions were to get the lid tight, but not enough to break the handle. I have bought and replaced the gasket 3-times since I purchased these last April. I use community water, and add apple cider vinegar to the water, but it sill creates mold, that you can't scrub off with your hand because of the size of the opening
  2. goldeneggtees
    Thanks Whittni, I totally agree.
  3. Whittni
    When I was a farm hand for some lady, she had these for her chickens. They were cheaply made and even indoors the handle broke off too easily and gallons of water leaked all over the coop :/
  4. LoneOak
    No I don't work for them, as a matter of fact I don't work for anybody except myself right now. I had kidney failure in 2012 caused by allergy to antibiotics and currently drawing disability. I'm raising a few chickens to sell eggs and get some pocket money. I just like products that work and this type waterer always worked for me with no problems.
    If your sending it back and have to pay return shipping, I'll buy it from you and you can just ship it to me, I won't pay full price but we can negotiate a reasonable amount. I can pay with paypal. Send me a pm.
  5. Michael Apple
    Great waterers which outlast any others. If you have a brush of appropriate size and use a safe disinfectant like Oxine AH, they are easy to keep clean. Water dispersible supplements can be used in them too, unlike the galvanized waterers. Mine are seven years old and still in great shape.
  6. goldeneggtees
    I order from Agway, they deliver feed and shavings to my house, so I don't ever go in to the store since it's a fair bit away. I asked if they had a large waterer (didn't ask for the price - my bad), they described it briefly and I thought it was the cheap, easy to clean waterer that I had for a few years that recently broke. Turns out it was three times the price and very different. Since we were leaving for vacation the very next day and we needed a waterer for our hens, I decided to give it a try. I might still ask if I can return the thing, like I stated before, I am extremely unhappy with it.
    Do you work for them or something?
  7. LoneOak
    I totally disagree, I had no problems with them what so ever. Mine never leaked. If its to expensive why did you buy it to begin with?
  8. goldeneggtees
    Hi LoneOak. I like simpler waterers. I find it to be a pain in the _ _ _ _ to fill. The little cap can get lost. There is always debri and disgusting stuff getting caught under the main plastic container and it's hard to get the container off to clean. The large cap never fits correctly on top and the water consistently leaks. Not to mention the fact that the thing is very expensive compared to other waterers. I don't like it. I'm pretty intelligent and can figure things out easily. I don't think it's me. Look at all the negative comments on here and you'll see most will agree, this water is not worth the money and trouble it causes.
  9. LoneOak
    I have one of these and I don't understand why you think it is over complicated. You simply remove the small cap and put it on the outlet hole then remove the large top cap and fill it. Replace the large cap, set the waterer in its location and remove the small cap and put it back on the storage stub. No problem what so ever. To clean pour in a little cleaner and water, stick your arm inside with a rag and wipe it out, rinse and repeat then refill with fresh water. I don't understand why people can't figure these out, it is real simple!
  10. zekii
    Too follow up, I called Miller Manufacturing, and they did send me a new cap. Apparently there is a bad batch of caps out there. With a new cap now this waterer is a joy to use.
    You don't have to tighten the lid all the way to get a good seal, so the lid comes off easily.

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