Little Giant 3 Gallon Waterer With Metal Handle

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  • This fountain utilizes the twist-lock style of connection which creates a sure-grip environment that completely eliminates leaking. The Little Giant Plastic 3-Gallon Fountain is also equipped with a heavy-duty Metal handle allowing the user to safely carry the entire unit from it. Being comprised of plastic, this unit will not rust, rot or corrode. This unit is also very easy to clean and will not develop the strong smelly taste that transpires from metal galvanized models.
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  1. 007Sean
    "Works but not very desirable"
    Pros - Fairly cheap
    Cons - Algae and bacteria factory
    Cheap waterer that will work. Drawbacks are that it is an Algae and bacteria factory. It also attracts mosquitos, which lay their eggs and produces a mosquito factory, too!
    Needs to be cleaned very regularly and it's time consuming.
    Other than that, it's a waterer that will get the job done.
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  2. WoeiHaveChicken
    "Spend the extra money for a better waterer"
    Pros - Cheap / low dollar
    Cons - Leaks, water doesn't flow
    I would spend the extra money for a better waterer.

    The water sometimes doesn't flow freely. You end up having to tip the waterer every couple days or so to refill the water basin at the bottom. If you don't tighten the water tray properly, you will end up with 3 gallons of water either in the coop or all over your feet.
  3. nomoneycanrepla
    "Bad design"
    Pros - won't rust
    Cons - the design is too heavy for very cheap hardware provided
    Even without adding water to this, we could not use it because there were little fastner pieces missing. We used some things we had around garage. The water makes it very heavy and the metal rod broke right away. The water doesn't come out well, or we could have used it on the ground. But the reason we bought it was to prevent them from getting into the base.
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  1. nxd10
    This works fine for me. It always allows water out. If it is not flat, it WILL leak water out over 24 hours except for that in the bottom 'bowl'. This can happen if you stand it on a surface that is not flat or if you hang it from a surface without making sure the rope is settled in the part of the metal handle that is indented specifically to allow the waterer to hang in a stable, flat position. That is simply a function of water always running to the lowest point.
    Personally, if you live in a cold area, I would recommend the heated waterer, which has a similar design.
  2. bj taylor
    i hate this product. it's very difficult to refill. there is no grab handle necessary to twist in order to remove. i'm looking for a replacement immediately. i will look at the one that has a cap on top for refill.
  3. Mibotsu
    what a piece.
  4. wsmith
    I have their 5 gallon waterers as well and they work fantastic
  5. wsmith
    They don't feed the water into the trough. When the level drops, the fit is such that the vacuum formed inside won't allow air in, so no water comes out. I drilled an additional hole, which improved the flow, but still has issues. The water trough would be completely empty at times, with a full container of water.
  6. Mibotsu
    i'm glad you went into such detail.
    What sucks about it? I've heard alot of bad things about LG products. whats up with this one?
  7. wsmith
    Same here. I modified one of them to get better water flow, but an all round pain to work with. I also bought mine from Amazon. Wish I could get a refund on the non-modified, unused ones.
  8. bargain
    Wish I had seen this before I bought ours - bought off an amazon store not Fleming outdoors, they were no help in information and no refund given... I'll try reversing the arrows information and see if that helps, and then I'll cut an edge around the side. Agree DO NOT BUY THIS MODEL!!!!

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