Little Giant 3 Gallon Waterer

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    Little Giant
    3 Gallon Waterer
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    This is a great product! I like it better than other waterers because you can fill it from the top, instead of having to turn it over. It has a little cap to go over the filler hole, so when you open the top the water does not spill out. The red trough for holding the water is removable from the plastic jug. This is very convenient for cleaning.
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  1. City Slicker Chickens
    Can you hang it?
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    1. BYCforlife
      It's not meant for hanging, because due to how wide the handle is, the wire would slip to one side and all of the water would rush out. It would be very easy to make a wooden fixture so the wire stays in the center of the handle. It can easily hold its own weight, so I'd say yes, it it possible to hang it.
      BYCforlife, May 27, 2018
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