Little Giant - 6300 Automatic Egg Turner

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  1. stefan333
    First time I turned by hand. I got a good hatch, but now it's so much easier.
  2. maybejoey
    "Little Giant - 6300 Automatic Egg Turner"
    Pros - Works great, Holds 42 eggs, Very accurate
    Cons - Not good to put any eggs in the whole closest to the motor
    Love this egg turner, It works great and is very accurate with turning your eggs. Very easy to take apart to clean. Price was very reasonable.

    the only con I can think of is that it is not wise to put any eggs in the hole closest to the hole.
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  1. joanie_maine
    Buying an incubator? You need this egg turner too! Otherwise, you will be turning your eggs by hand, turning the X to the O, THREE TIMES A DAY!!! Does anyone have that kind of time or have the organization to remember?? Buy an egg turner!!!

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