Little Giant - 7 Gallon Plastic Poultry Waterer - PPF7

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  1. mymilliefleur
    "Little Giant - 7 Gallon Plastic Poultry..."
    Pros - Tough plastic handles sun and freezing very well.
    Cons - Heavy, hard to clean.
    Great waterer, very easy to set up and use. Be careful to put it in place before you fill it, as 7 gallons of water is a bit heavy to carry.
    Also, reaching the bottom of the waterer to clean it can be very difficult. The waterer handles freezing very well with out cracking,
    and last for a long time in the sun.
  2. La Casa de Pollo
    "Works great"
    Pros - Easy to clean, top fill so no spilling all over yourself
    Cons - 7 gallons is heavy to carry when full. For a waterer this big, best if you can clean it and put it back in place empty then fill it where it stands.
    Easy to clean with a veg brush from the dollar store. Never had a problem with the seal not working or the lid not tightening properly. Red fades quickly in the sun. Little nozzle cap easy to lose, I wish it came with an extra or two. I add oxine to mine and the water stays clear and the plastic stays mold free and low maintenance as far as cleaning goes. Can add a bucket of ice in the early afternoon on hot days and it stays cool until evening. Sits on two cinderblocks set in a square just right. Never leaks out or makes a mess. Wish it were heated. I have to use a dog bowl in the winter.
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  3. 2seth2
    "Works great"
    Pros - deep drinking tray, easy to clean, LOVE being able to see the water level
    Cons - can leak if the airlock fails
    The chickens love it. I love being able to see the water level so i can check there water quickly. After you figure out how to work the airlock it works great.
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