Little Giant Farm & Ag Miller Manufacturing 9836 36-Inch Range Feeder

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    Little Giant Farm & Ag
    Miller Manufacturing
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    36" Range Feeder. Miller Manufacturing Company is a customer driven manufacturer and international distributor of farm, ranch and pet products. Miller Manufacturering/Little Giant has been a market leader for over 69 years. Product is made in the USA. These products have earned the reputation of being high quality and farm tough.
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  1. Mimi’s 13
    "Great feeder"
    Pros - Love the design
    Cons - Hate the rust
    I was excited to find this trough because I feed my flock a wet mash. So, in essence, I “slop the birds” every morning. :lau

    I love how the legs lock in place in two positions and the roller bar at the top has three heights, even though I don’t use it. This feeder is galvanized so I had no qualms about using it as planned. I purchased two and I noticed when I cleaned it the first time that it began rusting, on the inside. So I haven’t cleaned the second one yet. I know that’s gross, but it hasn’t rusted yet. I want to sand the rust down and then spray paint the inside, but I’m just not sure what kind of paint, if any, I could use that wouldn’t harm the birds if they chipped it and ingested some.

    I’m torn about my purchase of these. I LOVE the design 100%, but hate that it rusted. :th
  2. mymilliefleur
    "Metal Trough Feeder"
    Pros - Feeds a lot of chickens, easy to use and clean.
    Cons - Doesn't last long in the rain.
    Great feeder! Easy to clean and use, and has a metal handle/role-bar on top to keep the birds from roosting on it. If you have a large number of birds, this is a good feeder to use.
    Don't leave the feeder outside though, as mine rusted after about a year.
  3. DaveMorey
    "Great feeder for a number of birds"
    Pros - accessible from both side. Fits a lot of birds
    Cons - Can't think of one
    This is a quality feeder. The legs "lock" out for feeding taller birds or they can be folded down to accommodate smaller chicks. This feeder should work well for chicks past a couple of weeks old. It hoods a lot of feed. The reel top is great to keep birds out of the trough and from perching on it. This all but eliminates poo from getting into the feed. I like it so much I bought a second one.

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