Little Giant Still Air Incubator 9200

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  1. Jayne_ofthechickens
    "Love this little incubator"
    Pros - Consistent heat, consistent humidity, nice size
    Cons - A bit fragile as it’s styrofoam-we haven’t had a problem but it’s the only con I can think of!
    I’ve used this incubator four times with excellent results. I bought the optional egg turner for the last three hatches and feel it’s invaluable!! The only eggs that didn’t hatch were not fertilized. It’s a great, reasonably priced little guy!!
  2. JanetMarie
    "Very good hatches"
    Pros - steady temperature, reliable hatches if you can learn how to use it correctly
    Cons - You have to solve some minor problems with the design yourself
    Put in a room in your house with a steady temperature. Do not place eggs in the very center, as the temperature is lower in that area. Do not use the junky thermometer that comes with it, instead purchase a digital thermometer/hygrometer and place flat on top of the egg turning tray. Do not use the wire grate included, but purchase two plastic thin cutting sheets, and place side by side (they fit perfect) then put some rubber sheeting material on top of that. Do not use the built in water trays, but instead keep a thick damp sponge in the middle, on top of the egg turning tray. I also cover the two windows with small towels to keep the heat in.

    A good incubator if you can solve some of the minor glitches (which I have written above). Have had great hatches.
  3. BantyChooks
    "Very happy with this incubator!"
    Pros - Cheap, easy to find, simple to use, and easy to modify.
    Cons - Has a reputation for pulling tricks when you least expect it, you do have to monitor it closely, does not hold heat well if the power goes out.
    I have been really happy with my 2nd hand LG incubator. It has held tempature beautifully so far, and with a few simple modifications (hot gluing a lego to the thermostat adjustment for greater finesse) it becomes much easier to use. I am on day 5 of my 2nd incubation with this, (1st one failed due to me measuring temps at the wrong level and turning it up way too high) and 11/12 of the eggs have good veins. I will keep this review updated throughout the hatch.

    So far, the highest this has spiked to was 103 and that was when something fell over the vents.
    All the rest of the time, in both this and the last incubation, it has held at pretty much exactly 101.5!

    Ambient tempature plays a large part in how successful you will be, if you keep outside temps stable internal temp will be much more stable. I also recommend buying at least 3 thermometers and not use the one that comes with it, or at the very least calibrate it carefully. Adding a fan will also help hatch rates.

    A note of caution, though, some do not have good experiences with this bator, (they are known as "The incubator everybody loves to hate" for a reason) so do your homework before deciding to buy this bator, especially with expensive or shipped eggs.

    *Update 3/19*

    Just did day 14 candle, and 100% of fertile eggs that I set look wonderful. No quitters yet, and movement in 10/11 and I suspect if I had waited more I would have seen movement in that one also.

    *Update 3/24*

    8 chicks out of 11 eggs so far, 1 pip, and it is only day 19! One of the remaining eggs is LF so I'tl take a while longer. Bator is holding temp & humidity like a champ.... Very, very happy!

    *Update 3/28*
    Ended up with a 91% hatch rate, one of the chicks was malpositioned and never pipped. All the rest (10) are healthy and happy!
    One of the eggs was infertile so I am not counting that in my hatch rate %.

    I am going to be using this incubator much more, and as of now I give it top marks.

    *Update 4/29/16*
    On day 14 of my third batch..... LG is being fantastic, as usual. I can go away and be confident it will be within 1 degree of correct tempature. 10/11 fertile eggs have made it thus far.

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  1. darkoverlord
    great item the auto turner is a must have though we run three one for drying the new hatches other two incubate
  2. BYCforlife
    Very helpful!
  3. Madonna m
    How high did you set the humidity? did you start low and go high for lock down? have goose eggs in incubator and heater went out on my other incubator and just picked this up from a friend to use and have no instructions. am just now testing it to make sure that it hold temp. it has turning trays in it and a thermometer. not humidity control or fan. this is new to me to not have a fan but everyone says it is ok. any hints....
  4. BantyChooks
  5. Math
    How was your hatch rate? Do you have anymore comments for your incubator review?
  6. BantyChooks

    I rotate them every time I candle, but I just put them back randomly.
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  7. Math
    Very good review @BantyChooks. Never let negative people and their negative comments tell you what you can't do. Forge your own way. You will be able to do things they never would because they choose to not try. God bless you.
    Do you rotate the positions of the eggs in the incubator during incubation? I think this helps my incubations for better hatch rates.
  8. Wisher1000
    Good review! I would just like to add some comments. I, too, added an extender to the adjustment knob of the one I have. I used a cap from a milk jug and drilled a hole in the center and tapped it down on the knob. I also wrote arrows and H's on it for clarity. I understand that many people have to use these for financial reasons, but I bit the bullet and bought a much better incubator for my own sanity. I now LOVE my LG styro-bator as a hatcher. I have three of them and they work like a dream for hatching. I set them at about 97 degrees and the chicks pop out like popcorn. I only have to monitor the temp for a couple of days and cleanup is a snap. I am much happier with it in this role than I ever would have been trying to incubate the whole three weeks in it!
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  9. kwhites634
    Very good, Bubbles
  10. Math
    I would like to make a note for anyone planning to incubate with this incubator to beware. You will have to have some pretty good incubation skills and knowledge to be successful. However, if you are a confident person, then I say, go for it and give it a try.

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