Little Giant2 Gallon Double Wall Fount 9832

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  1. NoNameHomestead
    "It's great!"
    Pros - Water stays covered and fairly clean.
    I use it as a secondary water source for my flock. The only problem I've had with it is when the water freezes you cant open it to help the water thaw. Very sturdy though, I tried beating on it with a hammer to dislodge the frozen lid/cover.
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  2. TexasHeifer
    "Love it!"
    Pros - Doesn't leak, easy to fill up and keep clean. Keeps water cool even in the summer heat.
    Cons - A thin piece of metal attaches the top to the bottom. It bends very easily making it hard for the container to stay together when carrying it.
    Holds a good amout of water, is easy to clean and fill, water doesn't get very dirty. If placed in the shade it seems to keep the water cooler then a plastic container even in the summer. The main con is the thin piece of metal that attaches the top to the bottom always seems to bend shortly after I get a new container. When this happens it's harder to carry because the bottom falls out. It's also a little harder to tell when the water is getting low from a distance. I have to check mine regularly to make sure my hens don't run out. Besides that I love my container and will continue to buy more of this type.
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