Lixit Flip-top bottle with stainless steel valve

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  • Quick Fill Bottles have flip top lids and a precision stainless steel valve. Flat-sided bottle hugs the cage and comes with an easy to use bungee attachment. Bottle made of PET plastic and is BPA free.
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  1. Child of Noah
    "Clean Water For Chicks"
    Pros - keeps water clean, chicks learned to use it quickly
    Cons - price, size
    My two week old baby chicks constantly needed new water. I had the standard yellow plastic waterer that came with my TSC Chick Starter Kit. Within seconds of putting it fresh into their box, the chicks would have their litter in it. If left overnight or at work, the old waterer would be filled with mud.
    My poor chicks! They need clean water!
    I thought to go the "hamster bottle" route. My local PetSmart had this bottle in three sizes. I nearly got the middle one, and I am so glad I chose the biggest one. The packaging said "For rabbits, ferrets, other small animals & large birds" So I went with it, since chickens might fall into the category of large birds. The nozzle/nipple part is a "pin" that they peck/press to make water drip or flow out of the tube.
    I put it on the side of the dog crate they currently live in, soon I could see that all of the chicks were figuring it out. I was a little concerned that it didn't look to me as if they were getting much water.
    I left them overnight, and when I woke up I found that they had drank half of the one liter bottle!
    I am so happy that my chicks are getting clean water now!
    At two weeks old they are already drinking half of the bottle overnight so I will definitely need to get more or a bigger bottle as they grow. At over $20 it was a little pricey for a hamster bottle, but knowing that my chicks can work the valve and are getting enough fresh clean water makes it well worth the price.

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  1. Dee Dee 2
    Thank you for your post ! You must of read my mind ! I have been wondering about alternative watering sources and wonder how they do. Has any one ever used the smaller, "in line" nipple waterers ??
  2. MynikaFL
    Sounds interesting I may have to check into it. Thanks for sharing.

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