Lohman Brown

General Information

Breed Purpose
Egg production
Climate Tolerance
All Climates
Egg Productivity
Egg Size
Medium to large
Egg Color
Tinted to Brown
Breed Temperament
Friendly, Easily Handled, Docile, Handles confinement well
Breed Colors/Varieties
Brown, Silver (white)
Breed Size
Large Fowl
Brown, white (silver)

The Lohmann Brown is a commercially bred breed, used mainly for egg laying, at which they excel. They were selectively bred from New Hampshires and other brown egg laying breeds. They start laying at around 18 weeks of age, laying nearly daily.

They are a very friendly, curious breed and make good pets and family fowl.


Latest reviews

Pros: All the benefits main hybrid layers have.
Cons: Hy-line browns eat less and lay more.
Heritage breeds perform better in poor feeding and farm density rations.
They need too much balance in their feeding.
Usually sold debeaked.
Choose the hy-line brown over the lohmann brown.
Pros: Friendly
Awesome egg layers
Small enough that they are easy to handle
Good for all weather
Good at escaping predators
Cons: None
Some of the best chickens ever! Red Sex-Links (Lohman Browns) are pretty much the perfect chicken. Mine have never even had health problems! I love them, 10/10.
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Pros: Friendly, Gentle, Very tame, Good Layers
Cons: None!
New to the chicken business. Got a couple of Lohman Browns! They are so gentle and very tame, they tolerate children picking them up. They lay beautiful brown eggs everyday! I couldn't ask for better chickens.


had 4 Lohmann Browns as my first chickens, we have come through our first year together and its a pure love story, they are intelligent, friendly and eager for human attention. i have got 4 eggs a day most days, never had less than 3 eggs a day. they have just gone through their first moult without any problems. i didnt want them for showing so not being pure bred doesnt matter to me.
I have four Lohmann Browns (my first chickens) and they have the sweetest disposition. They are very friendly to humans and each other. They have just started laying, and I'm getting four eggs a day, even though its winter. Very cold hardy birds which is great for my climate. I'll have to see about egg eating but so far no problems at all. I don't care about showing either, and I think they make a fine flock!
Lovely birds. I have 5 of them and they are very tolerant to each other. They do not engage in feather picking or cannibalism, as far as I have seen. They follow me in the yard and have never attempted escape or going too far away.
I like my Lohmann's. I bought them in June 2019 as my first hens after local laws changed and I built my coop. They have been great birds.
How long does this breed continue to be productive layers? When do they molt and how long do they stay in molt? Anything special to help reduce molt time?
How long does this breed continue to be productive layers? When do they molt and how long do they stay in molt? Anything special to help reduce molt time?
I can share my experience over the next month or so. I live in western Quebec. We're going to start having temperatures that go below 0 soon. So far no moulting and no reduction in egg production for my 10 month-old birds.
We have 20 Lohmans; they lay wonderful eggs, are incredibly nosy (ever tried cleaning out a chicken shed with at least six chickens in with you, 'helping'?!) and unafraid (except when you try to pick them up, then they run faster than Usain Bolt).
However, in the past week, one of them has gone broody. Three times I've tried placing her and the eggs in the 'maternity wing', but each time she's abandoned the eggs after less than 24 hours. So now I've just been chucking her off and harvesting the eggs as usual. But I feel rotten for doing it, and it would be lovely to try and get two batches of chicks this year (our Copper Maran usually produces a brood in early summer). Does anyone have experience of a Lohman successfully sitting on eggs?

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