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    Black/White, Lavender/White, Blue/White, Chocolate/White

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    Large Fowl
    Believed to be developed in Wales in the early 1900's, their somewhat upright statue suggests runner heritage. They were brought to America in the 1960's but was not admitted to the American Standard of Perfection (of poultry breeds) until the late 70's.
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    Standard coloring for Magpie Ducks includes white breast, neck and under body with a black (or variety) "jacket" and cap on the top of the head. Many have mottled beaks and legs. Their bills get a bit darker and greener with age. The Magpie is considered a lightweight breed - on average the same size as a Campbell - with hens averaging 5 lbs and drakes at 7 lbs. They are excellent layers of large eggs, each female often giving an egg a day for most of the year. They are excellent at foraging and benefit from ample space to roam for bug and snails. They occasionally go broody, but are not an excessively broody breed. Magpies that are not hand raised are often flighty, this is remedied by regular handling. This is a critically endangered breed as listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, and is in need of more people to help their numbers grow!







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  1. Silkiechicken66
    Pros - Pretty markings, fun to watch
    Cons - Somewhat skittish if not socialized, and drakes can be jerks.
    I rescued a pair of Magpie ducks this fall. They have wonderful personalities, but aren’t too keen on human handling(except when you help them fly/give food).
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  2. Finer Things Farm
    "Beautiful and Inteligent"
    Pros - Distinctive and excellent layers.
    Cons - Prefer free range laying. Rare breed that is hard to find.
    Quite prolific layers that are friendly and distinctive in color. My pond and I inherited a pair who promptly presented us w/15 ducklings. I did not know they were a rare breed and gave them away once they could swim keeping the orig. pair. Now I’m kicking myself as I would love another pair. The Magpie is a friendly, easy keeper that is smart and elegant while still remaining hardy. The Magpie is as beautiful as a swan with many more benefits.
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  3. MagpieDucks
    "Great ducks!"
    Pros - Cute, Pretty, Easy to raise, Hatchable, Matures early
    Cons - Not the great egg layers everybody says, Drakes can be difficult during breeding season
    I love my Magpie ducks! I started out with 8, and now down to 4 for various reasons. I got mine from They were easy to raise (minus the mess), and matured early. I got my first egg at 21 weeks! They continued laying until winter, and then started back up in around April, and stopped again in July. :hmm I haven't gotten an egg since then. I did have the chance to hatch out 4 Magpie ducklings and a Stanbridge white duckling in July. 5 out of 5 eggs! I will continue to breed them, and would like to get more! I am hoping to get some eggs and hatch out some blues from!!!! A ton of pictures here: ViolinPlayer123's Ducks! Warning: Very Picture HEAVY post! DSC_0941.JPG full[1].jpg
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  1. Elainz
    simple duck shelter ..2 pieces of ply wood about 2'x2' leaned up to make a triangle works great
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  2. Stacykins
    Them being scared of humans means the ducklings weren't socialized well enough. I hand raised a few of mine, and they were incredibly tame. Any duck can be nice if socialized, and any duck can be terrified if not socialized. Regular, gentle handling is the key to a friendly animal. If you move quickly, grab at, etc. they're never going to be nice.
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  3. PoultryArk
    How is your project going? I got a magpie crested randomly, and he is my favorite.I also have another white crested bachelor. I was planing on getting a bunch of non crested magpie females next spring, since I love the breed, and producing heritage breeds. I am just wondering if you hatched any of your magpie peking crosses. If so, how did they turn out?
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  4. kiwijean83
    Stacykins, will you be selling hatching eggs next year? If so, I may be interested in purchasing some from you. I am wavering between Ancona's and Magpies, would love to hear your opinion.
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