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    In The U.S. = Regular & White..................Overseas = Blonde, Black, & Apricot
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    Large Fowl
    Mandarins are a native species to China and are closely related to the North American Wood Duck. In China, Mandarin ducks are a symbol of marriage and love because they usually keep the same mate for life.
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    Mandarins are a great aviary duck and can reside with many other breeds without crossbreeding. They can fly very well and therefore need an enclosed pen or aviary. They are a beautiful bird and the hens usually lay one clutch every spring consisting of 6-12 eggs and hatch out her own young in about 29 or 30 days. If eggs are removed, they may also lay a second clutch, usually consisting of fewer eggs than the first. Mandarins require a wood duck style nesting box, but will also lay nests on the ground. It is smart to have two nesting boxes built for every pair in the aviary. Mandarin ducklings can climb and jump very well, so keep this in mind when making a brooder for them. The young feather out in about 7 weeks and start to fly. The good thing about mandarins is that they aren’t a migratory bird so you do not need to have a permit to own or sell them. They are not like domestic ducks though; they can be quite skittish at times. As long as you have a proper enclosure, a place for them to swim, and a source of food, Mandarins will be a great duck for you to own.







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  1. Buck Oakes
    "A very beautiful duck but not for everyone"
    Pros - When tamed they: Always want to be around you, call for you when they don't know where you are or if they're worried, just act as a usual pet.
    Cons - Flighty, skiddish, takes time to tame, risk of raising ducklings
    Mandarin ducks are very beautiful. And just a pleasure to own. However babies have a high mortality rate if you hand raise them.

    I own a regular male named Ember and a white female named Sky. They are so lovable and are so excited when I get home from school to see me. They are to go into an aviary very soon, we're still in the process of it being built, but at the moment they are inside, in their own room. They love to nibble on my fingers and hair when I sit down with them and love to just perch on my shoulders and head. It wasn't always easy though. I got them at different times. Sky was about 3 weeks almost a month when I got her. I actually got two white mandarins but one passed away. As I said high mortality rates as babies. Then about a month later I got ember who was a month old at the time and just coming into his juvenile feathers. At first both were super scared of me like I couldn't get around them since I was afraid they would have a stress attack. But as they got older they seemed to calm down a bit. At that time I started re introducing myself to them. It took about a month or two to really get them used to me and esp my hands, they still don't really like 'the hands' but they tolerate them. Everyday I would take them to their bath and just sit in there with them. Let them know that I wasn't a threat and started whistling and talking to them. They were then the perfect age to tame, not quite an adult yet not a real juvenile anymore. I had to bond to them separately however so they could focus on me and not each other. Ember was the easiest to tame. Sky was a challenge and is still not as accepting as Ember is but she's up there. So yeah I would take a good amount of time after school for them to get used to me and now I know that they know I would never do any real harm to them and they treat me as if they would I guess any other duck. Hoping to have my aviary up soon so they can finally go outside. Btw a great way to a mandarins heart is meal worms XD

    Hope this little story helped or even entertained anybody
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  1. Melbeforeyou
    I also believe you have to have a special license just to own these ones?
  2. iamaries19
    Hello we are new to the hobby of raising ducks and would like to get a pair of Mandarins as well as some Wood ducks. we already have an aviary and are in the process of putting in a pond for our ducks. What would your recommendations be as far as things to know about the difficulties of raising them. Thanks Audra

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