Manna Pro 0806960236 Crushed Oyster Shell for Birds, Pullet Size

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    Manna pro 0806960236 pullet size crushed oyster shell 5 lb provides a good source of calcium that builds strong eggshells for your birds. heat-treated for purity. contains pullet-sized crushed oyster shell and coral calcium. use as a calcium source to promote strong eggshells.
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  1. Southguy
    "Great Product! Our flock loves it."
    Pros - Really good value. We supplement with our Countryside Organics feed - I usually have to replace it every day.
    Cons - Just a bit dusty.
    Our girls really do love this stuff! When I noticed the egg shell production was getting a little thin, I started to supplement with this. I noticed a difference after 3-4 days.
  2. Book Em Danno25
    "Great Stuff"
    Pros - Avalable in different size bags, small pieces, and they are a great source of protein for laying eggs!
    Cons - By birds don't eat them...
    Overall great quality. I like them.
  3. ChickenGirl1402
    "Pretty Good Grit!"
    Pros - Small pieces that wont get stuck in their throat, different bag sizes, nicely priced.
    Cons - VERY dusty.
    The ManaPro Oyster Grit is pretty much like any other grit out there! The grit they make does come in smaller pieces so the chickens wont choke on it, which I find very helpful. Although every time my mom brings home a new bag of the grit, I am the one to open it, and the dust puffs out everywhere! Yeah, there is a lot of dust in this product, so be ready to sneeze!


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  1. collingwood
    I smash them up myself! But they sound good!
  2. The Yakima Kid
    I bought some of this a couple of months ago and took it back because it smelled like formalin.

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