Manna Pro 0806980236 Insoluble Crushed Granite Poultry Grit for Birds

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  1. Melky
    "Great Grit!"
    Pros - It is larger than chick grit. Easy for hens to pick up. Less waste. Cost Effective.
    Cons - I really do not have any.
    I bought mine from Tractor Supply Company and found this to be the best price. I purchased a 25 lb. bag and put into a feed vault. I enjoyed the larger size of grit for my hens. As mentioned easy to pick up and less waste. Manna Pro was the first chicken grit product to mention directions and dosage for grit. I now put in my feed to reduce waste of product at recommended ratio of 1lb. poultry grit for every 40 lbs. of feed. This ensures my hens get the required amount and it is not wasted spilled on the ground.
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    August, 2018

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