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    This is a great healthy and safe product made of natural enzymes to prevent lice, mites, fleas, and ticks from bothering your flock. It is all natural, safe, and non-toxic. Free of harsh chemicals. Add this to your coop cleaning routine to avoid unwanted pests. Just spray in coop and run areas weekly and may use on birds direct after 10 days of age. It comes in a 16 ounce bottle. Amazon sells a 5 pack that is pretty inexpensive but it has not been available lately. Otherwise Tractor Supply Company has the cheapest price per bottle.

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  1. Melky
    "Best Pest Prevention!"
    Pros - Easy to use spray bottle. Safe. Non-toxic. Pricing reasonable.
    Cons - Often not available in 5 pack on Amazon so buy from TSC as cheaper. Would like sold in a large refill bottle for sprayer.
    This a great easy to use safe, non-toxic product that prevents unwanted pests from invading your flock. It is easy to spray weekly during coop/run cleaning. I have not, knock on wood, had a single pest problem.
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    May, 2018 and again since

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