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  • Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Climate Tolerance:
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size:
    Egg Color:
    Dark Brown
    Breed Temperament:
    Friendly,Easily handled,Docile
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    Silver Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, White, Copper Black, Black, Wheaten, Black-tailed Buff, and Ermine. MANY colors in development!
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl

    The Marans, or French, Poule de Marans, is a French breed of chicken from the port town of Marans, in the département of Charente-Maitime, in the Poitou-Charentes region of western France. It was created with the local feral chickens descended from fighting game chickens carried from Indonesia and India. Those original Marandaise fowl were "improved" for the table through crossing with imported Croad Langshans. A favourite at poultry shows, it became a dual purpose breed known both for its extremely dark brown eggs and fine meat qualities.

    Marans are generally quiet and docile; but they are quite active, taking well to free ranging in rough terrain and are also tough and disease-resistant. Their gentle temperaments and quiet demeanor makes them ideal for suburban backyard chicken keepers, as well as any assorted farm flock as they rarely bully smaller breeds. Marans are historically a dual-purpose bird, prized not only for their dark eggs but for their table qualities as well. Though the original Marans could also be feather legged birds, British breeders preferred the clean legged version, and thus feathered legged Marans are now mainly found in France. The Australian Poultry Standard recognises both feathered and clean-legged birds, while the Marans Club of America only recognises feather-legged birds.

    Marans egg

    Marans chick

    Marans juvenile

    Marans hen

    Marans rooster

    For more about the Marans breed and their owners' and breeders' experiences with them, see our breed discussion here:
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  • Chicken Breed Info:
    Breed Purpose:
    Dual Purpose
    Comb: Single
    Broodiness: Average
    Climate Tolerance: Cold

    General Egg Info:
    Egg Productivity:
    Egg Size: Large
    Egg Color: Dark Brown

    Breed Temperament:
    Friendly,Easily handled,Docile

    Breed Colors / Varieties:
    Silver Cuckoo, Golden Cuckoo, White, Copper Black, Black, Wheaten, Black-tailed Buff, and Ermine. MANY colors in development!
    Breed Details:
    I have found Marans to truly be a pleasure to raise. They are quite regal in appearance, and are "easy keepers." And, you just can't beat those gorgeous, dark, reddish-brown eggs!







Recent User Reviews

  1. CraftyChickLeann
    "Beautiful eggs and great personality"
    Pros - GORGEOUS EGGS! Calm and friendly too
    Cons - Not big layers over the winter, at least not up north
    We absolutely love our Marans. We have black copper, splash and a few cuckoos. The black coppers lay the darkest eggs and our 1 splash lays the prettiest egg I get! It is ombre light to dark on the bottom with speckles throughout. I wish I had a dozen more of her with those eggs!!! LOL Our rooster is trustworthy with my 4 year old grandson and the hens will just come up and lay at your feet, peck out of your bucket. My grandson loves to feed them from the giant spoon we dish their food out with. 15032860_10210763603067353_4667800783082575451_n.jpg Batgirl1-2017.jpg
  2. chickenmom22
    "Beautiful chicken breed that is a great layer"
    Pros - Lays LOTS of beautiful eggs, and a lovely looking chicken breed overall
    Cons - Tends to have a more independent personality
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  3. Beckychick11
    "Beautiful, friendly"
    Pros - Calm, friendly, beautiful, dark egg coloring, hardy
    One of my top favorite breeds. They are just so sweet. They love getting hand fed treats! More laid back than other breeds. Their eggs are a beautiful dark color. Very inquisitive, great personalities!
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  1. bonsaiherb
    "Axl, my French Black Copper Maran rooster is as close to perfect as one could hope for. If any of my ladies make any sounds of alarm or distress, he is there in a flash. If it's me or my family picking up one of the girls, he will follow us step-for-step until we put her down safely, but he never displays any aggression towards us. He is first in line if I'm handing out treats, but he shares them with his favorites."
    Lovely testimonial - just as I was reconsidering this breed. Have three ladies and 3 Speckled Sussex which will be about the same size.
    Rooster to be will be a Cookoo patterned Easter Egger who I hope lives up to half your description of Axl.
  2. DownByTheRiver
    This one is just gorgeous! What kind of Marans is that one? (The beautiful blue hen)
  3. ldamp
    Can you tell me where I can get two Black Marans. I'm looking for older ones, a few months old getting ready to lay eggs.
  4. Tally Chick
    Would a Maran be a good rooster for babies to use for eggs and to breed with broiler hens for meat? I'm new to breeding my chickens and want to raise meat birds and would like to have one rooster.
    1. dldolan
      I raise Marans and often keep a smaller broiler hen (the larger ones will die if left to grow out, so I often use the slow-grow meat birds) to breed with the Marans rooster for meat. The cross is slightly slower growing, but the meat is very good. Dawn
      dldolan, Mar 22, 2018
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  5. CrazyChickenLadyinGa
    My first time having Marans. Awesome
  6. happyfrenchman
    Did you hatch them yourself? At 8 months, you should be able to see what they are looking like. If it were earlier, I would say I favor the darker bird, but that is because I know the copper will come because I have the father and the mother.
    1. frankdust
      Yes, I incubate/raise my own
      frankdust, Dec 18, 2017
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    2. happyfrenchman
      Which standard are you wishing to meet. I personally believe the French Standard is much more fun.
      happyfrenchman, Dec 20, 2017
  7. frankdust
    Have 5, 8 month old French Black Copper Maran's Roosters and trying to decide which 3 to keep. All 5 are beautiful roosters but 2 have solid black chest and other 3 have specks of copper on chest. Which is better solid black chest or lightly copper speckled chest for meeting standard requirements?
  8. Kim62
    Would someone share where they bought their Black Copper Marans and had a good experience, Please?

  9. Crazyredhead
    My first time having Marans. LOVE them, so dang sweet, gentle, smart.
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  10. RoosterCogburn7
    Roosters can be standoffish to man haters. But, they are one of the more delicious birds to eat. The man hater variety make wonderful fried chicken or crockpot birds. They are easy to clean. Hens tend to be standoffish, but lay beautiful dark brown eggs.
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