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Items from Yorkshire Coop

Omlet chicken fencing.

User Rating:
This handy chicken fencing comes in a roll and is very easy to put up and move about. You simply thread the double spiked poles through the flexible fencing. All poles have two spikes making it easy to 'tread' them into the ground and providing stabi
The Brinsea Octagon 20 Advance is the solution to the incubation of small numbers of eggs. This...
The Brinsea Ova View Standard egg Candler is designed to be either hand-held or can be left on a...
strongVerm-X Liquid for all Poultry and Fowlstrong can help to control internal parasites in your...

Net-Tex Total Mite Spray 750Ml

User Rating:
Net-tex Total Mite Kill (750ml) has the same ingredients as the concentrate but is formulated so...

Brinsea humidity pump.

User Rating:
The humidity pump module is designed to work seamlessly with the Octagon 20 Advance and can be purchased later as an upgrade from Octagon 20 Advance to Octagon 20 Advance EX.
Tusk Smite Organic Mite & Louse Powder is effective against mites, live, flying and crawling...

Smite Powder 1kg [Misc.]

User Rating:
Smite powder is an organic natural product that effectively kills insects. It is safe to use...

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