Metzer Farms duckling hatching eggs

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Ducks are amazing! They are typically hardier than chickens or turkeys, some strains can lay as many eggs as the best chicken layers. It's fun to watch their antics in your backyard, your barnyard or your pond. They grow quickly, too!
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Pros: Fast service
I have never bought anything from Metzer Farms but I have contacted them on a few occasions asking questions because as a new duck person I was conflicted with advice I had found online. That was before I found Backyard Chickens. Ashley, I believe it was, answered me back within hours of getting my email which I thought was exceptionally nice. I think if they are that helpful to someone who isn't even a customer they must be a great company. I certainly would buy from them if I ever need any more little ducks or eggs. :jumpy
Pros: Good quality, Lots of choices, Care about their customers
Cons: Shipping cost (but its not bad compared to others!)
I got six ducks from them, two Rouens, two Khaki Campbells, and two Welsh Harlequins. They all arrived safe and grew up to be beautiful and amazing. My Welsh Harlequin just won Best of Show at the county fair :)
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