Metzer Farms White Layer

  • A White version of the Metzer Hybrid 300.
    Appearance: A smaller version of the Pekin with a pink bill.
    Eggs: 250-300 per year.

    A duck bred for commercial duck egg production for customers desiring an all white duck.
  • 8f7e90fa_1856746177_whtgld.jpeg

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  1. Table4Six
    I have one hen and she has the sweetest disposition. She lays lots of big white eggs to!
    1. skycruiser
      Hi how is your White Metzer 300 doing?
      skycruiser, May 20, 2018
      Table4Six likes this.
    2. skycruiser
      Someone here close has some for sale thinking of getting a couple to add to my flock.
      skycruiser, May 20, 2018
      Table4Six likes this.
    3. Table4Six
      I'm so sorry! I just now saw this. She is doing great. She'll be two years old next March and is still laying consistently.
      Table4Six, Nov 18, 2018
  2. janz70
    anybody supply these in the uk

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