Midget Whites

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    Large Fowl
    Midget White's were developed at the University of Massachusetts by Dr. Bob Smyth in the late 1950's.
    They are a newer breed and at time's shown as Beltsville Small White's in poultry shows.
    They were made for smaller barnyard productions crossing a Royal Palm and a commercial white turkey, that could have been a Broad Breasted White or a White Holland or the combination of the two.
    It should be noted that a Midget White and a Beltsville Small White are two different breeds of turkey's with a different foundation stock.
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    The Tom's weigh in at about 20 pounds and the Hen's weigh in at about 12 pounds. They are a slow growing bird, with a wide breast that makes them a wonderful table bird. They can fly and like to roost in trees or on the roof of your house. They breed naturally, are very calm and friendly. The hen's can produce about 60 to 80 eggs per year, they will go broody and are excellent mother's.






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  1. CochinBrahmaLover
    "Cutest turkey ever!!"
    Pros - Sweet, curious, and nice coloring
    Cons - toms mean
    So i have had turkeys several times, each times midget whites and browns. I since last year, have Loved these guys. We had 2 hens I believe and they followed me around like I was there mama! I would buy these a million more times! The only bad thing is we had some toms once and if you got in front of them, or a chicken, they would peck you and be mean. They once took the skin off my nose!! Otherwise I love this breed!
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  2. Smiles-N-Sunshine
    "Great In Our Mixed Poultry Flock"
    Pros - Small size makes them relatively easy to handle and process. Friendly and mellow personality. A lot of meat on a small frame.
    Cons - Broody, not colorful.
    We added Midget White turkeys to our hobby farm about a year ago, when a customer offered to swap a pair of our rabbits for a pair of his turkeys. We're up to six now, and we love having them around. As adults, they are very low maintenance, and get along fine with our chickens, ducks, and guineas. (Please note that we have not raised any other breeds of turkey for comparison.)



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  1. dawnpel
    Does anybody have Beltsville turkeys?

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