Mille Fleur Bantam

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  • The Mille Fleur Bantam, is not classified as a breed becuase Mille Fleur refers to the color, but in my eyes it should be reconized as a breed, as they have different tendancies then other bantams. The Mille Fleurs I have are extremely broody and very sweet. The roosters tend to be not aggresive but a tad skiddish. The hens are wondeful mothers and are used to hatch other breeds eggs. They easily adopt other chicks aswell, if their mothers won't accept them.
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  1. chicken4prez
    "Sweetest Birds"
    Pros - friendly, cute, sweet
    Cons - their big combs can get frostbite in the winter, can be a bit skittish sometimes
    I love this "breed!"

    I have two and I will be breeding them in the spring. They are so friendly but sometimes they can be flighty and skittish.
  2. Jennifer74
    "One of my favorites"
    Pros - Very sweet, loves to be held follows me around
    Cons - none so far
    I got chickens for pets and my little Flori just melts me every [​IMG]

    time I go out to the pen. I only have one since I wanted a variety but this is a breed I will get more of since I got chickens for pets. I couldnt find her one day only to realize as I was frantically searching she was following behind the whole time, I bend over and hold my hand out and she jumps up and nestles down - started doing that at 6 weeks old. She also loves to pose for pictures - she is always photo bombing everyone else - I honestly think she does the chicken version of the "duck face" for pictures
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  3. Daedric Rooster
    "Millie Fleur D'Uccle"
    Pros - Friendly, talkative, beautiful.
    Cons - Lays small eggs
    My Trinity is (in my opinion) the best bird in our flock. She is totally content to laze around in the run all day, and when I take her out, she'll sit on my knee and cluck at me. Get one of these birds if you're looking for a friendly companion.

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  1. Jennifer74
    Thank you!
  2. NathanZee
    She is so cute!
  3. Kino
    These have to be some of the prettiest bantams ever.
  4. BakerzDozen
    she's so cute... :)
  5. CupidsDelite
    Best names for mean roosters....EVER!! I have an ill tempered Mille Fleur rooster now, but because of his size it's more comical than dangerous. I've had this breed for years and haven't run across many aggressive roosters.

    The hens are quite sweet when handled a lot. I had one little hen in the house that used to love to watch tv on my shoulder. Well, a certain show, she'd always come running to watch Almost Human. (She and I hate that they cancelled it.) I don't know if she thought Almost Human was going to be about her or if she just thought that Karl Urban was hot!
  6. mylilhen777
    can some one help me get one of these
  7. mommanine
    I think we ordered some from Cackle Hatchery several years ago and ended up with an excellent quality rooster. So don't rule out hatcheries.
  8. Ezs Choukies
    What amazes me is that they are so difficult to get. It isn't that they are prolific and people just don't want to part with them they juat aren't out in my neck of the woods.
  9. mommanine
    We've had these in the past and loved them. My son taught ours to fly up on his arm when he would make a sound- they knew they'd get a treat.
  10. Ezs Choukies
    Absolutely beautiful.

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