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Mille Fleur Bantam

Average User Rating:
  1. Jennifer74
    "One of my favorites"
    Pros - Very sweet, loves to be held follows me around
    Cons - none so far
    I got chickens for pets and my little Flori just melts me every [​IMG]

    time I go out to the pen. I only have one since I wanted a variety but this is a breed I will get more of since I got chickens for pets. I couldnt find her one day only to realize as I was frantically searching she was following behind the whole time, I bend over and hold my hand out and she jumps up and nestles down - started doing that at 6 weeks old. She also loves to pose for pictures - she is always photo bombing everyone else - I honestly think she does the chicken version of the "duck face" for pictures
  2. Daedric Rooster
    "Millie Fleur D'Uccle"
    Pros - Friendly, talkative, beautiful.
    Cons - Lays small eggs
    My Trinity is (in my opinion) the best bird in our flock. She is totally content to laze around in the run all day, and when I take her out, she'll sit on my knee and cluck at me. Get one of these birds if you're looking for a friendly companion.
  3. boskelli1571
    "Friendly little birds"
    Pros - Friendly, inquisitive, talkative
    Cons - late developers
    I got some Mille Fleur D'Uccles at the end of May. They are slightly over 2 months old now. They are very friendly & talkative - even the boys. They are quite happy to perch on your hand/leg and talk to you, seem to enjoy being picked up and petted. I will add more to the review as the roosters get bigger & the ladies start to lay.
    10/15/15 - update. Got my first egg yesterday! However, most of the ladies are still not quite ready to lay. One rooster had attitude and was mean, he has been culled. The other roosters are just fine, beautiful plumage.
    1/1/16 - So, after Christmas all the girls are laying. From 4 girls I'm getting 3-4 eggs/daily. They enjoy me hunting for eggs though....despite numerous nest-boxes in several locations, they insist on trying to hide them. I once found a stash of 27 eggs!! I am enjoying them more and more, especially since I just hatched 10 little peeps from the eggs.
  4. Scorpiochick
    "My Belgian Mille Fleur - Lucy"
    Pros - She is amazingly sweet, so pretty
    Cons - you will want 200 of these!
    Lucy is my little buddy ever since she was 2 days old, I have absolutely no complaints, well she likes to play king of the Water Bottle and knock everyone elses water out daily, but she is super sweet, friendly, highly recommended.
  5. Bayrider16
    "Really good show bird!"
    Pros - Small size, Easy to take care of, Great show birds, Very pretty.
    Cons - small eggs, not winter-hardy
    (Above) This is Apollo! My Grand Champion Mille Fleur Rooster...
  6. Steadfast
    "I love my Milli..."
    Pros - I own one female and she is by FAR my favorate out of all 20 of my birds. Love to be held.
    Cons - She is so effectionate to the point of endangering herself by being too underfoot.
  7. ShelbyCoral
    "Amazing! Best Chicken I have! Since my BR died."
    Pros - Feathered Feet, Loves attention, Smart, Quiet, Cute and ADORABLE!
    Cons - Stubborn... Thats it.
    My baby girl is quite the stubborn Hen, But is my best friend. If I don't pay attention to her right away she gets stubborn and jumps on my back. When I set her down she looks up at me and acts like her leg is broken so I pick her up again. She is so sweet and doesn't like being put down. She is a lap Hen. She would do so well as a house Hen. [​IMG]
  8. Sirracha
    "Agressively cute cockerel"
    Pros - Cute Factor, tiny crow, beautiful colors and feathered feet
    Cons - agressively stubborn
    I have a 5 month cockerel named Mr Sassy Pants. He shuffles when he walks because of the feathered feet. He likes to fly high (over 5-6 feet) to avoid trouble with the other hens. His mate is a Cochin Bantam that he watches over carefully, like he should. Every once in awhile, as I am turning away to feed the other chickens or when I am crouched down, I feel something tap me. I turn, and always see Mr Sassy Pants, side shuffling away and coming around for seconds. I don't really know if he just wants my attention or he's up for a challenge. I've taken him to task several times and chased him around the yard, hit him with a dried out sunflower stalk, held him for half an hour, upside down, let the others peck at him, kept his head pushed in the dirt, all this to prove I am the Alpha male. Even my Auricuana Rooster knows better than to challenge me. So, in a few days, he avoids me, and then...as I am feeding the others, I feel a tap on my leg. LMAO At least he's not a danger to me. I'd probably die of a cuteness overload before he actually hurts me. But when I actually have my 11yo nephew over, I arm my nephew with a broom and give him full permission to use deadly force, which is just playing kickball with the guy should he start tapping and side shuffling at him. Why do I put up with him? He's doing what I expect of my roosters. My big rooster tried to attack me when I was disciplining Mr Sassy Pants. At the moment, he only has one other bantam to look after and he's doing a fine job. If he attacks any of his babies, he's going to make a fine feathered neck dress. He looks almost like the icon but more black tailing and feathering is prettier. I love his little crowing when the egg song comes on. He really tries to challenge everyone on the range but chickens out at the last minute. They are starting to bond with his lady friend but still punk him when it comes time for eating.
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  9. RussianChickens
    "VERY friendly good layer of light brown eggs..."
    Pros - Friendly, beautiful, lay nice light brown eggs 5 days a week
    Cons - Feathered feet are hard to care for in rainy months
    I had a hen of this breed for a companion to my silkie hen. Bob was the name of my Mille bantam. Bob was VERY friendly and always greeted me when i came out of the door in the morning and followed me around. Always greeted me at my car door when I pull up in the drive. She also would set on my lap and loved to eat string cheese, I would hold a piece in my lips and she would grab it. No fear of humans at all.
    She lay nice light brown eggs 5 days a week.
    Was a great companion for my silkie.
  10. jflanny
    "Love our Silly Milles"
    Pros - Friendly, gorgeous coloration talkative, cute little eggs,
    Cons - none - don't own roosters
    We are new to the world of the Mille Fleur d'Uccles but I absolutely love them! They are so talkative and friendly I will always have them in my flock. I have three: Lilly, Rose and Daisy and they live with my three Silkie pullets and my blind Rhode Island Red hen Yuna.

    Lilly especially, hears me coming from across the yards, and starts her distinctive little cackle and greets me at the gate to their run each day. My heart swells with joy and I just love these little chickens covered with their "thousands of flowers".

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