Miller Manufacturing 1-Quart Baby Chick Feeder

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  1. chickencoop789
    "Pretty Good Feeder"
    Pros - Lasts A Long Time
    Cons - Bottom Falls Off
    I really like this feeder. I bought this to use for my chicks. I ended up using it up until they were about three months old. Then I got a bigger feeder. When they went into lay, I used this as on oyster shell feeder. I am actually surprised how long it lasts. It was only about $5 so I wasn't expecting it to last very long. Mine is about 2 years old and still in use. The only problem I have with it is sometimes after I fill it, the bottom falls off. After about the third or fourth time this has happened, I started to get annoyed. But overall, this is a very good feeder.
  2. Shalom Farm
    "Great standard feeder"
    Pros - Easy to clean, small enough to place several in the brooder, bottom comes apart for easier cleaning
    Cons - The latching mechinism wears out over time
    I use this for chicks and for birds in quarantine. It is easy to clean because the bottom comes out. We soak it and it shines right up. It holds enough feed to prevent staleness but still over enough feed for the day or maybe two. The only cons are that sometimes the plastic screw bottom breaks or wears and will not hold easily. Sometimes birds perch on them or knock them over so placing a heavy weight or tying them in helps. I'd definitely buy again once mine is too aged.

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  1. Forgetfulfreda
    Much cheaper at feed store. Think I paid about 4 or 5 dollars for mine.
  2. DuckRaiser
    It says it was nine dollars...:/

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