Miller Manufacturing 9810 Round Jar Galvanized Feeder Base for Birds, 1-Quart

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    Miller Manufacturing 9810 Round Jar Galvanized Feeder Base 1 Quart is constructed of high quality galvanized steel and features rolled edges for safety. Perfect for baby chicks. Rounded, embossed edges help reduce chaffing on the neck and head. Parts contain two pieces: top and bottom.
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  1. BantamLover21
    "Great feeder"
    Pros - Holds plenty of feed for younger chicks, is durable, relatively easy to clean
    Cons - Needs more frequent refilling as chicks get older
    I use this feeder base, along with a 1-quart container, for all of my chicks. I really don't have anything bad to say about it--Its durable, showing no wear and tear after three years, simple to clean, and is easy for chicks to learn how to eat from. For about a dozen chicks that are 3-4 weeks of age, it holds enough feed for several days. In the case of the older chicks, a lot of the feed can get scratched out unless you raise it on a block of wood, but it still holds enough feed for at least a day. I've had no problems with chicks getting cut on any of the metal edges, and they soon learn how to eat from it. Overall, it is a great feeder, and I would recommend it to any chick-raiser.

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  1. desertegg
    I have one too, and I really liked it for the chicks. I think it's good looking, too!

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