Miller Manufacturing PPF5 5-Gallon Plastic Poultry Waterer, Red

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  1. PandoraTaylor
    "Love it!"
    Pros - Works great in Alaska! even Freezes without splitting apart!
    Cons - Heavy!
    I really like this product. I have used them for 5 years, they work well in all temperatures. They will freeze without splitting the container, the lids don't fair as well when cold. I just recently had to look for replacement parts. I found the site easily. Hope to be enjoying these for years to come! I have included the site below for easy reference and the part # as well as a phone number for the company.
    replacement parts have to be ordered from Miller Manufacturing 800 260 0888
    Fits the 5 Gallon Model
    Top handle Cap Part # PF308
    Rings Part # PF310
    Spout Cap Part # PF305
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  2. LadyKjo
    "Economical and easy to fill."
    Pros - Easy to fill, Sits level on cement block, keeps water level
    Cons - Heavy, need to be careful of the o-ring when tightening
    I purchased this waterer from a local feed store due to our going on vacation for a week and worried that the person who was to care for my chickens wouldn't remember to fill their water every day (it was in the heart of summertime heat, too). I thought about getting the galvanized one, but then read about ACV being bad for those kinds and also worried that the metal one would rust out. I was leery at first as I had read that if there isn't a good seal on these types of waters, the water would rush out all at once or not at all. After speaking to one of the feed store personnel, he said that the usual problem would be the o-ring and to always make sure it is there when you screw on the cap. He showed me replacement o-rings that came in a 5 pack in case I ever lost the ring, and said pretty much all problems associated with these types of waterers was because of a missing or faulty o-ring. Happy to see he had replacements available, I bought it.

    I like this waterer because I have only 2 chickens, the water lasts a long time so no need to fill it every single day. I clean the bottom tray every other day by plugging the spout with the cap and just snapping off the bottom when it is dirty and rinse it clean. Then I just take the cap off and I don't need to refill it.My two chickens use it readily and I don't need to refill it more than once a week. When I do refill it, I rinse the inside with a hose and any gunk in the tank (which is minimal, I think due to the ACV I add in there) comes right off, then dump it out, rinse again and refill, snap on the bottom and put on a big cement block in the coop.

    The main con is that it is heavy, but I think any 5 gallon waterer would be heavy.

    I like this waterer so far and the birds seem to like it as well.
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  3. fiddlebanshee
    "Good waterer for its price"
    Pros - filling from the top, no flipping over, no spillage, large capacity
    Cons - black top can crack, replacements are hard to find.
    I have 4 of these. Have had no problems with them except for the black top cracking on one of them after a year's use. I don't use these in the winter though, when I put galvanized ones on a heated base.

    I like the fact that it can be filled on the spot - no carrying of heavy waterers and that they don't need to be flipped over. Just stick the hose in and close it back up. If there is no vacuum just oil the rubber o ring with some vegetable oil. The top opening is large enough to go in with a brush every once in a while but it really doesn't need it all that often, maybe it is because I use ACV in the water.

    I have 2 of these in one coop and one each in my other two coops. I used nipples before but felt that the chickens weren't getting enough to drink from them. They work great for chicks in the brooder but not so much for adult chickens who need more water than a drop at a time.
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  1. 3riverschick
    Looks the same as my Little Giant. The design s nice. But 5 gallons is real heavy to carry out to the runs. The little black cap got lost and a real pain to fill without it. Have to stick finger in the outlet hole when filling, unlike the galvanized unit. I have a hard time with green slime. Tough to clean out. Put a piece of copper in the tank it helps some. If I had to do this again, would use the 3 gallon model. The extra 2 gallons isn't worth the hassle . Little Giant does sell a replacement part kit wit the rubber rings and tiny black cap. If this is the same manufacturer, maybe it will fit. I *think* I can order it thru Agway.
    Only 3 stars from me due to weight when full and being tough to clean. difficulty filling if the tiny black cap is lost.
  2. Ste
    I have this waterer and hate it. It either doesn't put out enough water or it overflows the bottom. I can never find a happy medium with it. I liked my galvanized fountain better.
  3. LoneOak
    Looks real similar to the Little Giant waterer just below yours in the reviews that only got one star. I wonder why some people have so many problems with this design and some folks like you never have a problem. I agree with you these waterers work great. It is not the waterer with the problem it is the operator not knowing how to use it properly, just saying.

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