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Enables container to be re-used as a flexible drinker for any breed of bird. Its unique float-valve system ensures that it is always full. A simple, easy to use, low cost, multi-specie drinker system that does not require the use of tubing or header tanks. May take up to 5 min. for the cups to fill after water is added to the bucket. Be patient! W=5" Pan depth=1.5" Size of hole for insertion is 1/2". The New Mini Cup Drinker from BEC is a unique, self-filling, multi use drinker that can be fitted to any sized water container. It enables any container to be re-used as a flexible drinker for any breed of bird and its unique float-valve system ensures that it is always full. At just 12.5cm wide, with a depth of 9cm, the Mini Cup Drinker can be readily fitted at any chosen height, and any number can be fitted to any type of water container. To fit, simply drill a 1/2 or a 12mm hole at the desired height and insert the drinker into the hole, then fasten with locking nut and filter. The Mini Cup Drinker is a simple, easy to use, low cost, all round drinker system that does not require the use of pipe work or header tanks.

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Pros: Easy to Install, plenty of water available all the time!
Cons: You HAVE to put PVC glue around the threads as you install or it will leak.
My chickens did not catch on very quickly to chicken waterer cups, so I began to search out an automatic solution that would provide lots of water in our hot climate. I found the Mini Cup Waterer at Fleming's and purchased two immediately! They were simple to install to a 5 gallon bucket, but leaked. So we untwisted the unit, applied PVC glue and waited overnight. Worked like a charm. The birds have been using them for 3 months with no leakage problems. Off to buy more for the new babies!
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Pros: None
Cons: Doesn't work
I installed this on a covered bucket and it works as advertised. If you put it on a bucket with a lid and use the supplied filter, I don't see how it would plug up. Every couple of days I will take a towel and wipe out the cup to get rid of any debris that the chickens might kick up into it and that's about it. I do have the bucket mounted high and the chickens have to use a step to drink out of it. I am thinking of a way to cover the cup so I don't have to wipe it out as often. Shouldn't be too hard to come up with something. Try one, you'll like it.

So, after living with this for a while, I experienced the over flow phenomena that the other reviewer had. It happened right after cleaning it. I had spun it upside down to dump the water out of the cup like they show in their video and when I filled it back up it just kept coming out.
I emptied it out and turned it over to find 2 small screws holding it together. I took it apart to see how it worked and found a small float that rises with the cup water level and seals the the hole that fills the cup. I figured the float just got stuck and was not sealing the hole so I put it back together and it worked again. From now on I will be more careful cleaning it and if it ever sticks again just try tapping on it to unstick the float.
Still like it better than nipples for our coop!

I left my original review but I checked the water today and the cup was dry....I took it apart and cleaned it, put back together and it started to overflow again....I'm done with it.
Pros: easy install
Cons: overflows with in a week
This is useless for chickens. The internal mechanism clogs within a week and causes the entire water container to leak out. There is no way to prevent or fix this because the valve is inside the molded together component.
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I got one of those and LOVED it too...for about a week. If you look around BYC, there are a lot of folks that have had problems with them.
I began to do a little research and found that everyone was having the same problem. After about a week, the float wouldn't shut off so it just kept running until the whole bucket of water drained out on the floor.

I had gotten mine from a different vendor and here is what they wrote to me about the problem:

"I am very sorry to hear of the trouble you have been having with the
mini cups. Yes, we are aware of its cons and what it is, if you were
to unscrew the base on the cup, there is a float inside that does not
hold its seal. After some use, which is what you have noticed, they
begin to retain water inside the float and that just causes it to run
all the time. There is no shut off from the float because its
flooded. So, I would be more than happy to refund your money for the
mini cups. We are waiting to get the improved version from our
manufacturer hopefully soon. I am told. I am not sure when but we
will announce on the website when they are here. Please let me know
what you would like to do. Thank you for your detailed report and I
again apologize for the inconvenience."

I haven't seen them come out with the new ones yet, and in the meantime I found a different kind of cup drinker that is working wonderfully.
If they ever do come out with a better one, I'll be the first to try it! :D

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