Mini digital egg incubator, 12 quail eggs (9 chicken eggs)

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  1. MJ1900
    "Awesome for a first timer"
    Pros - everything worked out well
    Cons - Not knowing what I was doing with the whole 1st hatch
    I did buy the humidifier meter to help me know when to raise or lower it. I was a great experience and turn out for my first time but now I have greater knowledge and have seen it work for myself. There are always factors that play into any given situation but I give this product 5 stars for being completely dummy proof for me!
  2. NNYchick
    "Has been very good. Mine is branded Janoel"
    Pros - Holds temperature well
    Easy to clean and sanitize
    Has auto egg roller and fan
    Cons - Need to have separate humidity gauge
    Only holds 9-12 eggs if using turner
    Not easy to see pips and hatches
    I have used this for a number of Silkie hatches, I can fit 12 Silkies eggs in the turner. Holds temperature well if in a stable room with temperature ranging from 65-75, if the room heats up the temperature goes up, I think if the unit had more ventilation holes this might remedy this some. I use it with a magicfly temperature/humidity monitor. The probes can be put in the incubator and the digital display on top. This can also be calibrated with ice water and salt test.
    I set it on a folded up towel and wrap a scarf around it in the winter and this holds temperature stable.
    Figuring out how much water is need to keep humidity stable takes some trial and error but I think I would have that problem with any incubator as we heat with forced air 6+ months a year.
    For the price I think it is great to do a small hatch (helps keep chicken math in check). I paid $58 for the incubator and extra magicfly monitor off eBay in December 2017. At that price point I would expect to have to do a little fidgeting to get things right. It does bounce right back to temperature when lid is lifted to add water. Utube has a good review that is more useful than the manual.
  3. chantels1
    "6/7 hatched"
    Pros - forced air, digital temp, quiet, recovers humidity quickly
    Cons - instructions stink, mechanics on the top, so I can't see eggs easily. But you can still see them.
    I never hatch a lot of eggs. Usually a dozen or less, so my old brower top hatch was too big and unstable, and became noisy as the bearings wore. It wasn't consistent and I needed a new one ASAP. So I ordered what I could afford. After reading many satisfied reviews on this, I bought it. I put in 7 eggs from my pullet. All developed well. 1 died around day 15, so it didn't go into lock down. I hatched all 6 that did go into lockdown!!!

    I do suggest watching the multiple youtube videos on this incubator and calibrate the incubator. Set it on a padded surface to help hold consistent temps, and wrap a towel or blanket around the base. I did all of these. I live in an old house with inconsistent temperatures. So I did get temps fluctuating from 95.5-101.5, but not often and it didn't seem to effect egg development. All hatched day 21 as they should.

    I did have a corded hygrometer/thermometer in the incubator to track humidity. I ran a dryish incubation period. Humidity levels from 10-50%, but averaged around 25-30%. Hatch I bumped it up to 72% on average, but sometimes as low as 63% and as high as 82%. neither stayed high or low long as I am glued to the incubator at hatch time.

    The cord did let some heat and humidity escape, so I did duct tape around the end the cord went in to help it stay consistent. I may make a small notch in the rim of the bator for my cord on my next hatch.

    My highest hatch rate was about 65% is my old bator and this one it was 83%, so I am very thrilled!
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  1. jwebb418
    Has anyone tried the (what I assume is the newer) rectangle one? ASIN B078MMXTCW
  2. trophywife
    It's good but it has its drawbacks. Regulating the humidity is the thorn in my side right now. I go into lockdown on Sunday and I'll update. I received 8 eggs, 2 fertile 1 stopped developing at day 10. Fingers crossed for my big boy. His/her egg was one of the largest in the bator. It's supposed to be a silkie but the egg is about as big as a regular egg. Time will tell :)
  3. Ahmada_1993
    I have one and I just figure it out

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