Mini digital egg incubator, 12 quail eggs (9 chicken eggs)

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  1. Cycomiko
    "Beginners incubator"
    Pros - It works!
    Cons - More like 6 Chicken eggs
    I bought this incubator, that goes by a few names (but all the same, like Chevy/GMC trucks) because of its reviews on amazon as well as it's price. I was not about to dump a lot of money into hatching chicks at the start.
    Setup was easy, and I ran for a few hours to get the humidity levels and temp to spec, and make sure I could hold it. In hindsight, I would only go for temp, as humidity will go through the roof when you add the eggs.
    I purchased 7 F1 and F2 Olive Egger eggs and decided to add 2 of my own, an EE/Leghorn mix and an EE/EE(pink) to see what my rooster is capable of, color wise.
    The problem is, I could not get 9 in there, so I ditch my own eggs because I paid $11 for the 7 OE eggs! I put 2 each in the first 2 rows, and used the smallest 3 for the last row. I was unsure if they'd actually rotate with the turner in the last row. More on that later.
    Once added, the humidity went from 50% to 85%, as I did not think of the eggs adding moisture. So I vented until I got the moisture under 60%. I did not have an easy time maintaining temp, but I relate that to the fact that I have a wood/oil furnace. When running wood, the house gets up to 76 with low humidity, when on oil, it's 68 with humidity about 10 percent higher.
    I only candled eggs once, and the lighter green egg was the only one I could see through, the others were too dark. I had anxiety of only hatching a lone chick, but I could not have been more wrong. On the 20th day, we hatched 3, on day 21, we hatched 3 more. I was not going to unplug it until day 24, and low and behold, we heard chirps late day 22 (from the light green egg). At 5:15, we woke to loud chirps of the 7th and final egg. It was in the row with 3, may have contributed to the lateness. It had a hard time hatching, and was missing a lot of down on it's back. We kept it in a different brooder so it didn't get picked on, and started introducing the other chicks, starting on day 7 of life, 1 every other day. Although it's noticeably smaller, it is integrating finely this way.

    Bottom Line: Great for the money, 6 eggs at a time!

    the video is cute at the end.
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    October 2017
  2. Altfrizzle
    "Good for starters"
    Pros - Inexpensive, auto-turning
    Cons - Doesn't hold temp well in cold room.
    Not bad for a starter incubator. I tried dry-hatching with DISASTROUS results, though. I think the fan blows too much and they ended up shrink-wrapping. Works ok with water added, although it's not easy to add water unless you take the whole top off.

    If you're setting in a room cooler than maybe 70 degrees, put it on some towels folded up and keep a scarf handy to wrap around the outside for extra insulation.
  3. MontanaChickDoc
    "Great for the price"
    Pros - cheap. auto turn. for me, holds temp and humidity steady. mine came with a digital thermometer/ hygrometer and egg candler, too.
    Cons - small. large duck eggs barely fit inside the auto turn rack. humidity is hard to regulate sometimes (it's either high, or low, it's hard to get that "middle ground")

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  1. Ahmada_1993
    I have one and I just figure it out

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