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    Mixed breeds I think tend to be more hardy, lay, and breed better.
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  1. PeepersMama
    "Fun to have"
    Pros - Hardy, fun mix of colors, great layers, mix and match to get what you want!
    Cons - none!
    This year we hatched a few eggs under a broody hen, and 1 of 12 hatched. Since her surrogate mama's name was Parakeet, we named her "daughter" Finch.
    Finch was a buff orp/EE cross. She was the first of the other adopted chicks we got to start laying, and was a perfect combo of mom and dad. She was the best layer in the flock. She was such a beautiful chicken, and despite being hen raised, she was quite easy to tame. She was a very gentle chicken, and was bullied easily, but made up for that by roosting in the highest place possible, which of course, was the one place she wasn't supposed to. Unfortunately, we had to send her to heaven because she started to lose control of her neck; we think due to mareks. I will definitely be hatching more of my own mutts next year [​IMG]
  2. bullrunslabs
    "Unique, always fun to see."
    Pros - Unique colors and personalities, often hardier, surprising at times.
    Cons - Inconsistent results
    While it is fun to see what you will get with backyard mixes or mutts, it is always a gamble. Often my favorites out of a flock are mixed breeds. It can be like Easter every day when gathering eggs, or learning personalities. One of the worries, would be that you may not get consistency when breeding. If you get something you really like, it may be very difficult to reproduce, as is the same for something you don't like and difficulty eliminating it. Barnyard mixes are always fun for me to raise.
  3. widelacing
    "Good utility birds"
    Pros - Hardy, Generally good layers, Generally good for meat.
    Cons - Cannot be shown, Less resale value.
    I have several mutt birds, and they are all good layers, very friendly, and beautiful.

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  1. Newchics
    No criticism here but yes, you can enter backyard mixes/mutts in shows under the backyard classification. Some of our backyard muts have won 1st and reserve many times and beat out our pure bred. Just a thought for those that might like to try showing without investing in purebreed birds. Shows are amazingly fun, a great learning experience, and you get to network with a lot of other chicken people and their breeds. We love shows.
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  2. Gramma Chick
    I love my hybrids
    You should know there is a neck problem chickens get called wry neck ...a vitamin in balance
    A bent neck can be a genetic condition or can be the result of a vitamin deficiency. When it is the result of a genetic condition, there is no treatment. Some breeds, such as silkies, are more prone to getting it genetically. Vitamin treatment is still worth a try. If the wry neck is a result of vitamin deficiency, the vitamin treatment should clear it up.
    Vitamin E gel caps with Selenium - give the chicken the liquid from the gel caps. Make sure to get the kind with Selenium for proper absorption.
    Polyvisol without iron - this is a liquid vitamin supplement labeled for infants. Get it at the drug store or some grocery stores. Can be used in addition to vitamin E when treating wry neck.
    First week:
    Twice a day
    2.5 mg of prednisone
    400 IU of vitamin E
    Once a day
    A piece of human vitamin B complex pill or a squirt of human liquid vitamins
    Selenium (50 micrograms/day for half size juvenile for 3 days)
    For the second week:
    Once a day
    2.5 mg of prednisone
    400 IU of vitamin E
    A piece of human vitamin B complex pill or a squirt of human liquid vitamins
    Every other day
    Selenium (50 micrograms/day for half size juvenile for 3 days)
    For the following weeks:
    Once a day
    2.5 mg of prednisone
    400 IU of vitamin E
    A piece of human vitamin B complex pill or a squirt of human liquid vitamins
    Every third day
    Selenium (50 micrograms/day for half size juvenile for 3 days)
    Do not abruptly stop prednisone, the swelling rebounds, decrease dose gradually.
    Vitamin E recovery can be slow; continue the vitamin E for several weeks at least.
  3. SuQMar
    My mutts are my favorites too. Got my daughter 2 chicks from a neighbor for her birthday. Dad was supposed to be a RIR, mom too but looked very light. (Their whole flock was purchased as RIR chicks fromTSC) One is "Amber" reddish brown in color with black lacing and other one "Jewel" is buff with red lacing. They are so beautiful and bonus surprise Amber just starting laying last week and she's turned out to be an Olive Egger!!!! So mom must have been an EE? Brown egg Roo and Blue egg hen?
  4. Honora
    I have a 7 week old EE/Orpington cross chick right now & she seems to have a great personality. Confident without being aggressive, fits in great with the flock. Glad to know you had a good experience with yours!
  5. EllieW
    I breed for mutt birds! I love the leghorn crosses, especially with the Easter Egger hens. All are white, which I don't mind, but most give very blue eggs and they are good foragers and mellow enough for my needs. I like my chickens a lot but I don't need to be petting them.
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  6. Chickenwolf
    I had one just like her. Same colors and all. Her name was Autumn. Mine was an Amerucana and she layed green eggs.
  7. Chickie my my
    she sure is pretty, I would be proud also if she was mine
  8. lightchick
    I don't know actually. I got her from a local farm. I think she has Ameraucana in her because of her beard, but otherwise I don't know.
  9. Y N dottes
    what is she a mix of?
  10. sssharon
    What adorable pictures! That is to bad about the parents. I have a Golden laced Sebright that it would be fun to experiment with. Problem, not sure which sex it is yet. Time will tell. I was told it was a hen but no eggs yet and it is well over 5 months.

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