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Aggressive,Friendly,Not bear confinementwell,Noisy
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Brown Red, Birchen, Silver Blue, Lemon Blue, Black Breasted Red, Red Pyle, Blue Red (Blue Breasted Red), White, Black, Blue, Golden Duckwing, Silver Duckwing, etc.
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Bred from pit breeds in the past, the Modern Game has a spunky personality and will happily strut its stuff in the show room. Moderns originated in Great Britain when breeders of Pit Games decided to change their focus to exhibition poultry. They are known as the "ultra fanciers creation", and come in many stunning varieties. Modern Games, both Bantam and Large, were featured in the first Standard of Perfection in 1874 and have since dominated the shows, residing in the top 10 most popular exhibition breeds. Males are required by show standards to be dubbed if you wish to compete in exhibitions.
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I purchased two pair of BB Reds and wondered about there traits. They are only 8 weeks old and they are a blast to watch. Your article was very helpful. Thanks
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June 10th 2019
Pros: They are very beautiful, gentle, easy to handle, and they get along well with others! They are very chatty and verbal too!
Cons: Hey aren’t very hardy, and do terrible in the cold! They are hard to hatch, the hens aren’t very good moms, and they lay very few, and small, eggs.
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Pros: very friendly, super small and cute
Cons: dont do well in cold at all
i got 4 modern game bantams last month. the Wisconsin winter has only just started, it has been on average 30-40 over the past month and they already have very bad frostbite and will likely lose some toes already. aside from not being able to handle the cold at all, i LOVE these birds. they are so fun to have around. they will follow me all over the place and will let me pick them up no problem.


We are in Central California, and I can't for the life of me find a source for a few standard (lg) Modern Games. I can order chicks, but it's a minimum of 25.... and we just want a few, for pampered pets....
Do you know of anyone in Central California who might have some available?
Really? You'd kill for one? I'll send you a list of names & when you're done you can let me know where to deliver your chicken.
Are they really that fun? I was planning on getting one some time this year. They look really cool and I have heard good things about them! Do you have any special winter care measurements for them?
I live in a relatively mild climate, so I don't have to worry about them freezing. I know that most Modern Game breeders like to keep heat lamps in their coop to help maintain temperature. Plus, Modern Games are amazing little birds! They are inquisitive, smart birds that love to fly and are such cards to watch. Hun, if that's what you want, go for it :)
I have a wonderful little modern game rooster that is best friends with my green peacock. He is very friendly and begs to be picked up when I come into the poultry yard. I have a little hen too, but she is very tiny, and not quite as friendly, but still likes attention.

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