Mottled Cochin (bantam)

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    brooding, Show
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    Mottled, red and barred rock
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    Small Males 3 lbs Females 2 lbs
    Black and white speckles
    Soldiers returning from China brought the first Cochin bantams to England in the 1860’s. They were known as “Pekin” bantams then and are still referred to as “Pekins” in many parts of Europe. Cochins are heavily feathered down the shanks and toes and appear to be much larger than they actually are. They are very gentle, excellent setters, require little space, and with their many color varieties are absolutely beautiful to look at. Cochins are the most popular of the feather legged bantams and one of our best setters. Cochins have a lustrous, greenish black base color with many of the feathers tipped in white - a color contrast that really makes them stand out in a flock.

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  1. honanbm
    "Love these little guys!"
    Pros - Very pretty, stick around, egg production (for a bantam), friendly, great for brooding, quiet, low food requirements
    Cons - More vulnerable to predators, hard to break from broodiness if you don't want that
    Love these little birds. I enjoy how they stick closer to home than standard breeds and mine produce tons of delicious little light brown eggs. Yes, they go broody - and how! It can take over a week to break them and a couple more to go back into egg production. I don't mind as they have low feed requirements (always out ranging, only sleeping in the coop) and it is nice to know you've got a broody if you need one. I always use one as I am not interested in hatching a ton of birds.
    My rooster is sweet and kind to his gals and not aggressive towards people. He's also beautiful.
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    Free! Given a hen sitting on a mess of eggs from which six hatched.
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