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    There is no mutations of Mountain quail.
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    Large Fowl
    They are the largest quail breed in North America.
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    VERY HARD TO RAISE! Not for the beginner quail raiser! As chicks, they will peck toes and it is hard to get them to start eating as chicks. When they are hatched, cut up mealworms into small pieces and feed for the fist few days. They will need a 28% Protien feed as chick, and Mazuri Gamebird starter and breeder is best for them at all ages. As young adults place them in a wire pen and feed Mazuri Gamebird Maintenese feed.







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  1. 007Sean
    "Mountain quail"
    Pros - Beautiful birds, easily kept in captivity.
    Cons - More demanding during brooding. Tend to toe picking.
    Have raised Mountains for many years. Great birds to raise and breed. Not for the first time quail raiser but with some experience can be very rewarding.
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  2. UncleFrank
    "Great Quail to have"
    Pros - Beautiful bird, great call, not as aggressive as most quail, tame down well and aren't as flighty as some quail.
    Cons - A little harder too brood and will toe peck if not brooded correctly. Egg laying not as reliable.
    I have raised Mountains for some time now and are my favorite out of 8 different breeds I raise. Gorgeous bird with a beautiful call, easy to raise if brooded correctly.
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  1. Chloe374
    Anybody interested in some California Mountain Quail. I have a total of 17 3-4 week old Mountain and Gamble Quail. Unsexed need to find them a good home.
    Any reasonable offer. I can ship them for about 40 dollars depending on your location
  2. Jessica Thompson
    It's super cute
  3. cooguy1234567

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