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Egg Color
Creamy White
Breed Colors/Varieties
The original, wild muscovy is predominately black and white. Domesticity has produced other colors,such as all white or black,chocolate, blue, lavender and more, and patterns such as barred.
Breed Size
Large Fowl
Muscovies are the only domestic "ducks" that are not bred from the mallard. They are a wild South American species that has been domesticated. They are actually a "close cousin" to the duck. The muscovy being to the duck what a donkey is to a horse. Males are very large, and can weigh up to twelve pounds and females may reach eight pounds. They will lay 50-120 eggs a year.

Latest reviews

Pros: Easy to be around
Not agressive
Large so can be used for meat
I let mine roam around and they even sleep outside on the trees near my pond. Have had no deaths and have been raising them for a year
Cons: can be mean to ducks smaller than them
They are amazing animals. I leave mine outside and feed them a mix of corn, wheat, sunflower seeds, milo, and oats. They are beutiful ducks and are super quiet and alert. Cold hardy and can fly fairly well. I'm giving this review because they are amazing!
Purchase Price
$4.00 each for a 4 month old moscovy
Purchase Date
Pros: Quiet, EXTREMELY DOCILE, great temperament, cold hardy (to a point), friendly, fun to watch, do not require as much water as a mallard descendant duck would. Get along with every type of bird I've owned.
Cons: To docile to a point they do not defend themselves at all, still a duck so messy, gets water everywhere (which causes issues in winter)
The muscovy has been my first duck breed to ever own. I started hobby farming in june of last year. I have many different breeds of chickens and 2 muscovies and i can say with ease that the muscovies are my absolute favorite. I cant say i will never get another type of duck, but i will always have a few muscovies around. such docile and friendly birds! They dont find the need to be in water 24/7 like other ducks.
Purchase Price
20$ canadian
Pros: Quiet, friendly, great mothers, low maintenance
Cons: Broody mamas can be Great
We have had a pair of Muscovies for a little over two years and they have been a great addition to our family. They eat a lot of bugs and worms from the yard, greet us when we go outside. We have a heated enclosure for them in the winter and our female lays all year round, 25-30 in a clutch. Variety of colors and all gorgeous.
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2 for $5 ducklings
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We have had Muscovies for several years, and have had an entirely different experience. While the males do "hiss", it's the Muscovy equivalent of a "quack". They are very quiet ducks and very laid back. Ours are friendly, and will follow us around, Most eat out of my hand and one female trills to me whenever I'm around.
Babies can be tamed very easily. I hand tame babies in the spring for pets. The babies come when called and will accept other pets (like rabbits, dogs and cats) as buddies.
They lay lots of eggs, and make good mommas, sometimes even sharing duties with each other. I don't clip wings, and even though capable of flight, ours never bother leaving. When one "accidentally" gets out of the pasture, it tries really hard to get back "in".
They also are fast growers, and produce big meaty birds in a few months. The meat is lean and exceptionally tasty. We never have a problem selling our meat birds, or our baby "pet" birds (all our babies are called Henry)
Well it's not his fault that he tried to mate druing breeding season that is just what they do. I get an egg practically every day druing breeding season, and an egg every other day out of breeding season. They are the most friendliest bird on the planet and make absolutely amazing pets, that you will never regret having them. If they aren't raised properly then they are not going to be "pets" when they are adults.
and they NEED water to bathe in, otherwise their feet go yuck and it drives them insane to not have water, after all they are ducks
If they aren't raised properly, then you can't really expect much. My ducks and drakes follow me around everywhere and love to be patted and a splash in the pool.
I've a feeling if she decides to sit and hatch some babies that drake will be dinner in no time!
Just butchered 22 for the winter freezer. These are really tasty, big meat birds. I like most ducks, but if I could only have one breed, this would be it. Additional advantages, no quacking and very hardy.
Do you raise your own from eggs or buy hatchlings. I am wanting to get a meat duck for next spring. At what age do you butcher Muscovies?
A muscovy is not really a duck.
They are closer to a goose than a duck.
Crossed with a duck they are like mules and cannot reproduce.
Hi, I never ate a duck egg. What does it taste like?
Do they generally just hang out in the backyard?
Do you have to keep them penned?
Yeah. Ditto. I'd appreciate an explanation as well. For some reason the "reviews" have been pretty thin on specifics lately.
I disagree. My muscovy are perfectly content. I did not handle them much but they are as friendly as I'd expect any of my birds to be. I have had excess drakes before and then things can get out of hand.
Any drake will try to breed chickens which is dangerous. The species are NOT anatomically compatible and a drake breeding a chicken can kill her.
EdenCamp they are nasty meaning i have a lake property and they lived on it and they destroyed all the grassand pooped everywhere
FuzzyMugz i don't like being called ditto and it is not very nice saying that o please don't say it again
jdywntr i liked them they just ruined the grass around the lake and pooped every where and i switched them with mallards [a breed that is a pretty one] and some wood ducks and they are nasty just like the others but a lot more calmer the muscovy ducks were pretty wild
Birdgirl, sorry, I was thinking you meant "mean" when you wrote "nasty" not "gross". Yes, all ducks poop. ALOT!! Yuck.
And I have to say, fuzzymugz said "ditto" meaning "the same as stated". It is not a derogatory term. ;)
Thanks, great review! I have 4 my daughter wanted as "pets", turns out 3 hen, one drake! They are fully grown, but standoffish unless theres FOOD. all 3 hens do fly well, the drakes too heavy. Looking forward to all the ducklings and a new food source!

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