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Average User Rating:
  • Egg Color:
    Creamy White
    Breed Colors/Varieties:
    The original, wild muscovy is predominately black and white. Domesticity has produced other colors,such as all white or black,chocolate, blue, lavender and more, and patterns such as barred.
    Breed Size:
    Large Fowl
    Muscovies are the only domestic "ducks" that are not bred from the mallard. They are a wild South American species that has been domesticated. They are actually a "close cousin" to the duck. The muscovy being to the duck what a donkey is to a horse. Males are very large, and can weigh up to twelve pounds and females may reach eight pounds. They will lay 50-120 eggs a year.
  • ce86354c_Creamy.jpeg f0994f8b_ducks-muscovy-35720-681861.jpeg 72e8b53c_muscovy--100584.jpeg a3b11c32_muscovy--981520.jpeg cc8d5a88_ducks-muscovy-35720-254043.jpeg 2b6ab3e1_029.jpeg 82195f1e_muscovy--801894.jpeg

  • Breed Details:
    The Muscovy are considered by some to be ugly birds because of the large red "warty" caruncles around their eyes and beaks. And while you may consider them ugly, if you've ever spent time with a Muscovy you can't deny they are very intelligent birds, funny and full of personality. They are known as the "quackless" duck and hiss ( females making a quiet squealing sound) rather than quack, making them perfect for the small backyard keeper, whose neighbors might not welcome the loud quacking of other domestic breeds. While Muscovy can fly, they are more likely to just fly around than to fly off. They have big strong sharp claws for perching and will fly up to perch on all manner of things. The muscovy female lays in clutches and is an excellent mother. They multiply quickly — a drake and five ducks can hatch over a hundred offspring in one year. Not only do they make excellent pets, but the eggs are tasty and the meat is compared to a good cut of veal. Raising muscovy in the back yard flock is a joy that has to be experienced to be believed.







Recent User Reviews

  1. bobhoke
    "Quiet Enjoyable Ducks"
    Pros - The are not a loud goose, as fast nor nasty as a chicken and self sufficient. Big eggs.
    Cons - Flying and trimming wings. Injure legs easily - be careful.
    I'm sharing my review because IMO this is the best bird for the farm out there. Smaller than a goose, but bigger (males) than a chicken. They are silent. They keep the grass short and bug population down so they don't need a lot of feed. They will be the primary bird on the farm next year. They also provide a another meat variety to the chicken, pork, goose, rabbit, turkey and moo.

    I'm not looking forward to the next waxing, but its better than a gander and it's gaggle screaming all day long. If you buy geese buy a female, or keep them far from the house if you nap.

    The only downfall I see is that they can really fly well, but thats nothing trimming won't resolve. They have claws but I've never been clawed.
    Purchase Price:
    Purchase Date:
    July 2018
  2. Kessel23
    "Awesome birds"
    Pros - Silent, friendly, nice to chickens, hardy, good broodies, good tasting eggs, great free rangers, not as messy as mallard derived, and good for meat.
    Cons - Low egg production, hens sometimes set up clutches outside of the coop if they are aloud to free range.
    Great birds, they do well in my climate and the only main con for me is low egg production. A great hen will produce 90 eggs a year here. Also, pay attention to where the hens have decided to lay their eggs, you don't want them to go broody out in the woods and then get killed by a predator. Another possible con is they are flighty and hard to handle if they are not tamed. Also, don't let a chicken mother a single duckling, I let a silkie mother one Muscovy duckling and 1 year later he thinks he is a chicken and tries to breed with the chickens, fight with the roosters, and he pays no attention to the Muscovy hens or drakes.
    Purchase Price:
    $15-$30 for an adult
  3. Megan14be
    "Muscovy are the greatest!"
    Pros - They are sweet, quiet and friendly and keep the bug population way down!
    Cons - They get broody
    Our girls are very kind - love eating out of your hand. They are gentle and come when called! A very quiet breed. They are great eaters! They will snatch bugs right out of the air. They devour the tadpoles and I have seen them swallow a frog whole! We have had a great experience with them and are hoping to find more!
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    Purchase Date:


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User Comments

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  1. drkimba
    I purchased 3 about 2 months ago at that time they seemed fully grown and had their feathers. I'm really not sure of their age the lady said young but I had read they begin laying soon. Well nothing! What sort of place have you set up for them to lay? These three seem to spend all day and most of the night eating and swimming. I've seen the male start mating behavior but have not yet seen the girls even contemplate laying. What age did yours start?
  2. 336White Phoenix
    I've a muscovy Drake and I waighd him he can in at 9 pounds 20 ounce and I've seen him with fox fur in his claws the others day and all I good think about is what a legand he his this tiny wee animale taking on probably a big hugery fox and have no feathers out of place better than any guard dog I've ever had lol​
  3. Etoufee101
    Does anyone process Muscovy ducks leaving skin on them and ship them?
  4. scottishpet
    A Duck Breed I am interested in...but know nothing about ducks really. Can you house them over winter with the chickens? Or is it better if they have their own space?
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    2. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      I agree with Farmer Girl.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Mar 23, 2018
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    3. Kabootar
      Well it will be better for your chickens to keep them separate from any kind of ducks as they are messy. Ducks will spill the water, spoil the food and they may become aggressive with your chickens especially the drakes. I have even seen a Drake trying to rape a hen.
      Kabootar, Apr 14, 2018
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    4. Thomas Lamprogiorgos
      I always want to be polite and to show respect to people and animals. But Muscovy Ducks are very territorial animals and the drakes use to [email protected]@@ other female birds.
      Thomas Lamprogiorgos, Apr 16, 2018
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  5. Sarahsadness
    They are so very smart he comes when I say come on baby r pretty bird
  6. Sarahsadness
    I have a male that has just grown that bump on bill and he was so sweet and now he's so violent I can't keep him I have five other ducks but they are mallards and are so much smaller he hurts them and my kids see it was my kids that found him when he was so little in our city in middle of road we asked everyone if they knew of the baby they all said no I feel so bad because he is so mean I know it's because he thinks he is in composition with us for mates but he is crazy should I have him put down I think not he don't have anyone duck like him he's solo in the pin I need help. AND yes more like a Goose then a duck
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  7. Hokum Coco
    I had Muscovies at one time you brought up some excellent points. One point you neglected to mention is they are also death on slugs, mosquitoes and insects pests.
    Through the spring and summer months they can free range and meet most of their dietary needs. Their eggs are also larger and superior in quality to chicken eggs.
    1. drkimba
      You brought up some great points! The fact that they are cute and run to me everyday when I go outside is an asset as well :). My problem is I now need to build another pen or add some fencing because the drake killed my only adult hen and attacked my rooster. I now have one set of 6 week chicks and another of 13 week chicks bantams I'm afraid to put in the pen with them. Even in an enclosed hut the male 1 and female 2 Muscovy eye them as potential treats.
      drkimba, Jul 24, 2018
  8. Table4Six
    I absolutely love this breed too.
  9. Ren2014
    LOVE my Scovies! I won't get any other kind of duck now.
  10. cassie
    Free ranging Muscovys are the best bug catchers and foragers I have ever seen. Little ducklings, not over a few days old will catch right flies out of the air. Ticks, grasshoppers, beetles, crickets, and other creepy crawlers don't stand a chance. I don't have any muscovy ducks right now but my neighbor does and they are a sight to behold.
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