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Naturally Free Layer Chicken Feed, 25lbs

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    Scratch and Peck Feeds
    Scratch and Peck Feeds
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    Scratch and Peck Naturally Free Layer is Soy and Corn-free and is made using naturally grown whole grains. Layer feed is profesionally formulated to provide a perfectly balanced nutritious diet for your hens. No GMOs, No Soy, No Corn, No Pesticides, No Filler! Feed from 20 weeks on. Offer Plenty of Fresh Water and Free Choice Grit!
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Recent User Reviews

  1. MolliesDollies
    "My go to!"
    Pros - This is the only feed I buy now. I like that it is big chunks rather than being ground into dust like some brands.
    Cons - The price is a bit high if you are trying to raise your chickens on a budget.
  2. chickpics
    "Only the best feed for my chickens!"
    Pros - Clean, not as dusty as most feeds.
    Cons - Can't get it locally so I have it shipped directly from the S&P.
  3. flickerloo
    "My hens only eat Scratch and Peck!"
    Pros - Whole grain mash, non-GMO certified, organic, soy-free, corn-free option available
    Cons - None
    When you first open a bag of Scratch and Peck, the sweet smell is the first thing you notice. It's almost enough to make me want to taste it. I only feed my hens Scratch and Peck. All of my adult birds came to me from other places at about 18 months old, in varying degrees of health. All had previously been on pellet food. I had no problems at all switching them to the mash. I was mixing it in warm water, since the fines in the feed are difficult for the hens to eat. But then I learned about fermenting, and they love it even more. They are all very healthy now, laying tons of eggs. Their poop has very little odor to it at all, which still amazes me.

    This spring I got a batch of chicks, and they have been eating the S&P chick starter. When they get big enough to be in the run with the hens, they will all get fermented grower feed.

    I happen to live in Bellingham, Washington, where Scratch and Peck started and is headquartered, so it's easy to find here. I pay around $28 for a 40 lb bag of layer feed. A little pricier than other feeds, but it is worth it to me. If you are looking for the best in organic, non-GMO, this is a great option, especially if you ferment!

User Comments

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  1. Doug in Colorado
    We are very pleased with S&P feed. Our girls love it, of course they don't know any different! All appear very healthy.
  2. Destinye
    I just switched over and after they ate it they rolled in it where it had been! LOL
  3. nicole63021
    I have been using the S&P starter since the begining on my birds, and it has been great as well! I add a little sprinkle of starter grit to the feeder with the morning feed, just in case. They are doing fantastically on it, it also doesn't seem to create the same "farmy chicken" smell with the feces, an important factor in the suburbs! It is still poo of course, but isn't nearly as stinky as others chickens I've smelled. All in all, I think I will keep my flock on this feed at all stages! It is good to know that the layer feed does have some oyster shell and grit already in it.

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