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  • Made with fresh, natural ingredients and complete, wholesome nutrition, NatureWise feeds are the best choice to help your flock thrive. Backed by 85 years of world-class poultry expertise, you can count on NatureWise poultry feeds. Learn more at
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  1. wordgirl
    "Great Layer Feed for ducks"
    Pros - Pelleted form, pretty economical
    I feed the layer formula to my Anconas and really like the pelleted form since ducks can't clean up spills as well as chickens. It's a little more expensive than what I fed my chickens (Fleet Farm's Sprout layer feed), but it's not overly expensive, and to be able to get it in a pelleted form is worth it for the small flock I have. They seem to do well on it.

    One funny thing I have experienced with this feed is that normally I purchase it from Mills Fleet Farm, but I once bought it from TSC and for some reason the recipe must have been a little different (I don't know if it was a fluke or whether it was actually mixed by a different supplier, even though the two stores are only a mile apart) - it smelled a little more molasses-y and it made their poop STINK! It was quite odd. I almost threw the bag away, but I ended up just suffering through it. When I went back to the Fleet Farm version it was just fine again. I don't know if it was just a weird batch, but if you do run into that issue but still want to try the feed, try another store.
  2. cluckcluckgirl
    "Great food for chickens"
    I've been using Nutrena for my flock ever since the first chickens and have had no problems. The feed gives them good nutrition and energy. The price is also very reasonable.
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  3. matt44644
    Pros - Always fresh
    Cons - Hadn't found any
    My chickens have been doing great on it.Clean very little fines.I receive at least 2 coupons a month through the Nutrena newsletter,scoop from the coop and Flock minder.
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  1. carlsaSC
    No Rural King here. Just went "country" with Tractor Supply a couple of years ago. Went to 2 TS yesterday. Amusingly, one had layer pellets and no crumbles. The second had crumbles and no pellets.
  2. JediJinx
    Rural King carries Feather Fixer.
  3. carlsaSC
    I, too, have been using the Nutrena feed. The chickens like it--can't really tell if they prefer it. But, since I can read the bag ingredients, I prefer it. I have been looking for the "Feather Fixer" mix for the moult season, but no one carries it. The coupons are a bonus. Hope they keep coming. (Yesterday at Tractor Supply, I paid $11.99 with the $2 coupon)

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