Nite Guard Predator Control Light

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  1. Hen Pen Jem
    "Something good to add to the arsenal!"
    Pros - Deters night time predators, bob cats and coyotes.
    Cons - Of course it doesn't work during the day...
    For 3 years, I have been using Predator eyes on two pens that are located next to a gully, which I later found out, serves as an animal freeway! Coyotes and bob cats routinely travel the route. Since I put up the Nite Guard Predator Eyes, there have been no problems with them attempting entry into either pen. However, day time is another issue...but, all the chickens are locked up in their coops at night, all windows are covered with hardware cloth and bolted on, and the coop is surrounded by dig proof pens.

    With all these measures it is still stressful for the chickens when they sense a predator outside. So Nite Guard Predator Lights/eyes are another good thing to add to the arsenal!
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  2. bestnestbox
    "Didn't work. Might for others, but not us."
    We already had a great horned owl problem. He visited regularly and knew what chicken tasted like. We than bought 4 of this product. It was properly installed. The owl still came 2 more times and killed two chickens. It did not work for us, but we already had a prior problem. We gave up and bought a guardian livestock dog.
  3. nomoneycanrepla
    Pros - it actually keeps predators away at night
    Cons - price
    We LOVE this! It still works, and it is 3 years old. The coop has never had problems with night thieves, where they can see it.
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  1. Djcoak
    As long as no one knows, a shot gun resolves the issue much faster
  2. LeafBlade12345
    Using these lights, I've had a great experience. I don't have owl problems, but they worked amazingly for a variety of predators and pests bothering my animals, orchard, garden, pond, and yard. They deter raccoons, deer, coyotes, opossums, foxes, bobcats, rabbits, and small birds eating seedlings. Anyway, they worked for me, not sure about others though...
  3. Melinda48
    We bought shiny twirly gigs at the party store here in town and I hung them from a few tree branches overhanging our chicken area-seems to confuse he predators' line of sight and we have had zero problems since putting them out two years ago. I bought new ones this year. Used CDs would probably work too. We do have Hawks in the area but they don't come around our c
  4. JessicaThistle
    We also installed these all around our coops. We have no other predators but the Great Horned Owl is not deterred by these at all. Those stinkers fly to the ground and stalk our girls like crazy. We have lost at least 50 hens to the owls. We have an egg business, so have about 1000 hens.

    We had wanted a completely open air mobile coop on pasture for our chickens but the GHOs have made that impossible. We had to install a mesh with an electrified tape around the whole coop. We thought that would be enough but the owls would scare the girls and force them out and under the mesh so they could get their free lunch. Finally after completely staking down the mesh on all sides were we able to save them.

    So, while the predator control light may actually work on the other predators, it doesn't work on the owl who was the most serious for us. We also have a good guardian dog on our list!
  5. hellbender
    Still, you should have shot the coons that were seen. That is the BEST dead predator at a time. My dogs do the job for me.
  6. hellbender
    Nothing I'm aware of will beat GOOD dogs for stock protection.
  7. bestnestbox
    Yes Gramma Chick, It did help. We haven't lost another chicken to the owl after we bought our great pyrenees.
  8. Gramma Chick
  9. Gramma Chick
    Did that help ?
  10. Jajika
    Hi Dawna: Sounds like you have an excellent set up.

    Hey, bottom line is that your chickens..and all pets, are safe. That's what matters and whatever you do to make it happen, that is what counts in the end.

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